Want to get more involved in Super League? Join the ambassador program! Whether it’s helping us spread the word, putting together team meetups, or even running your very own gaming tournaments, Super League has a way for you to be a part of the team. Here’s just a few of the ways you can participate: 

  • Spread the word about Super League and your local city club. Help recruit players for your team and get rewarded for every player you sign up! 
  • Stream your gameplay during Super League events. We might even feature your stream! 
  • Organize local events to help promote Super League and strengthen your local community. Throw a Dallas Dynamite meetup, or a New York Fury poker night!  Get creative! 

Don’t feel like you fit into any of these categories? No problem. Tell us what you want to do! You can submit your own ideas for ways you’d like to help build your community as an ambassador of Super League. 

To become an ambassador, fill out the form below and use your cell phone to send us a short video (no longer than three minutes) telling us a little bit about yourself!  

  • What’s your name and where are you from? 
  • Why do you want to join the Ambassador team? 
  • What are you interested in doing as a member of the Ambassador team? 
  • What do you love about eSports? 
  • What excites you about Super League? 
  • Whatever else you want to say! 

 You must be 16 or older to apply. 

Super League Ambassador Application

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