Have you seen our Minecraft City Champs series, hosted by RyGuyRocky? Throughout the span of six episodes, we follow the City Champs journey of four passionate Minecraft players during Season 3. Watch it NOW below or on the Nickelodeon YouTube Channel!

Episode 1 | Get In The Game!

It’s practice week with the start of divisional gameplay just days away as the teams meet each other for the first time. Our four main heroes: Dermot, Ella, Scottie, and Leo share what’s it like to be part of this national competition with some of the best Minecraft players from across the country. During practice week, it’s anything goes as the competitors meet their new teams and get a feel for how fierce the Minecraft City Champs tournament will be.

Episode 2 | The Games Begin: Roasting, Game Play & More!

The competition heats up as the league officially starts the first week of divisional play. Teams come together as players gel and leaders emerge. An underdog team emerges out east while the league’s resident juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down.

Episode 3 | Team New York Fury Cracks from the Pressure?!

As the competition enters week three, teams begin to realize what it will take to dethrone the two-time defending champions. One player encounters a computer glitch that could sabotage NYC’s strong start, while a new leader emerges in Dallas. Throughout the league, star players emerge with the Grand Final just around the corner.

Episode 4 | Will Your Favorite Team Make It To The Finals?

The tournament enters the final week of divisional play as teams battle for a spot in the Grand Final. Upstart Boston faces off against rival New York City in a matchup for the ages while Los Angeles faces an unexpected test in their quest for a third straight City Champs title. An unexpected visit from YouTube star RyGuyRocky creates harmony on a volatile Dallas team, but will it be enough to earn them a spot in the final?

Episode 5 | FINALS PT. 1: The Teams Battle It Out!

The fight to determine who will take home the title of season three of Minecraft City Champs commences in what proves to be a truly epic match. Leo, Dermot, and Scottie lead their teams in a frenzied competition while new faces step up along the way. Can Dallas capitalize on the bursts of dominance we’ve seen throughout the season? Does Boston have what it takes to write a fairytale finish? Or will LA’s run of dominance be enough to earn them yet another championship?

Episode 6 |FINALS PT. 2: Who Will Come Out On Top?

The Grand Final comes down to the wire in the battle to determine the Minecraft City Champs. The four final cities compete until the last second in one of the closest matches Super League has ever seen. Watch as the champions receive their titles and celebrate the victory at a special party in their home town.

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