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Welcome to Puzzles!

Corio Corp. is an evil company that turns innocent Minehut players into GenPvP players. Your goal is to infiltrate their ranks during a snowstorm and shut down their company. Good luck… you’ll need it (and good puzzle-solving skills, of course).

Puzzles is a problem-solving server created by JackJack33, TehRaptor, CMDBlocks, Tebbi, and ThatOneTqnk. Get a sneak peek of the server on an episode of Good Grief below or try it out yourself by hopping into via your Minecraft client now!

How It Works

  • Your goal is to get to the top of the tower by solving puzzles and problems presented on each floor.
  • Each floor has multiple problems that add up or come together to create the password, which is the answer to get to the next floor.
  • The puzzles mainly draw on your logic skills and knowledge of Minecraft, its history, and how it works.
  • Using the command /password <password>, you can gain the guard’s trust and go to the next floor.


We asked JackJack33 what his favorite part of creating the Puzzles Server was.

“The most fun part about Puzzles is, well, making the puzzles! It is actually insanely hard to make a puzzle that isn’t vague or disorganized or that conflicts with other puzzles. You ideally want your puzzle to be fun, challenging, and you want its goal to not be confusing. Coming up with the puzzles we currently have took us a week of hard work and effort, and we all had fun doing it :)!”

Tips & Tricks

  • Read everything. Your questions may be answered by signs around on the floor.
  • NPC’s with colored names have dialogue. Talk to them by clicking on them.
  • Do NOT spoil the game! If you are caught giving away passwords or vital information, you will be permanently removed from the server.
  • Look at each floor as a separate puzzle, as each one is composed of many of its own puzzles.
  • Think in terms of similarity. Ask yourself, “where have I seen this before?”

Your First Hint

“The password is the sum of everything.”

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