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Welcome to Cakers!

Cakers is a server by where you can play Bedwars… but instead of a bed, it is a cake! Jump into to get your cake and eat it too.

How It Works

  • When you join the server, there will be a queue sign right in front of you. This is where you can queue and spectate (depending on if the game is already in progress). Alternatively, you can use /queue and /spectate.
  • After queueing, players are arranged into four teams and collect materials (bricks and gold) on their respective islands. There are also materials on adjacent islands (diamonds) and materials at the middle island (emeralds). The materials all spawn periodically.
  • All players are able to respawn, on the condition that their cake is still present on their island. Therefore, eliminating teams requires that players eliminate a team’s cake and eliminate the players on the team. Last team standing wins.
  • Players can also private chat to their teammates using /t or /chat t.
  • The shop is extensive: with blocks, tools, armor, potions, weapons, special items, and team upgrades. All team upgrades and traps require diamonds, which are found on the adjacent islands of the team islands. Emeralds can be found at the middle island, and bricks and gold spawn on the team islands.

That One Grind

We asked ThatOneTqnk what his favorite part of creating the Cakers server was.

“Creation was quite arduous. The final result of the game amounted to around 2000 lines of Skript and 2000 command blocks (there are more details to the game than you would expect!). However, this gave us a lot of time (me and the other developer, Duckyyy_) to have some fun. We made a board to divide tasks among me and him, and occasionally we would change the board by assigning more tasks to the other person. I was stronger with Skript, and Duckyyy_ was stronger with command blocks, so when we mixed up our tasks it would be pretty funny because you knew there was something wrong. We also made a grind sign to keep each other in check, (as if that worked).”

Tips & Tricks

  • Go straight for the invisibility potion. While it’s not necessarily overpowered, it definitely surprises your opponents. It is only 2 emeralds, and it can be a strategy for players to get their cake quickly and easily.
  • If you see your opponenets have reached diamond generators, it may be worthwhile to take a Magic Milk with you; this protects you if the team has traps they bought with the diamonds.
  • Securing a solid defense and equipping yourself with the proper tools with the generator materials is a common strategy for success in the minigame.



To chat the Cakers community or report rule breakers if staff are offline, join the Cakers Discord here!

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