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Welcome to BossBash!

Two years ago, BossBash was born, and we got a chance to hear from RyanDxxx about this week’s Minehut Featured Server. Hop into via your Minecraft client now to defeat bosses – each with their own unique skills – in order to upgrade weapons and defeat even tougher bosses!

How It Works

  • Defeat a sequence of bosses to gain rewards and advance to challenging tougher bosses, unlocked via in-game shops.
  • Each boss has a unique set of abilities; bosses may have an aura around them that create changes to the map or solely affect nearby players.
  • Around the map, players can find many different shops. With enough exploration around spawn and in secret areas, players can discover new villages for trade.
  • Each boss and map is randomized to change up the gameplay, which can either affect overtime during the duration of the match or simply the boss itself.

Creating BossBash

BossBash was built using command blocks for each part, including boss abilities, queues, random maps and boss selecting, stats, and more. To learn more about the  server, we asked RyanDxxx for some memorable moments during the creation of it.

“Some fun times have been with a certain boss, Corrupted Creep, with an ability that wipes out nearly all new players… Especially when you got near to max, you just see a flow of death messages. That and explosive bosses… Just anything explosive…”

Tips & Tricks

  • When playing a new boss for the first time, try to memorize and learn its attack patterns/special abilities for next time, as many of the attacks will surprise you.
  • Don’t simply spam attack, as it will do nearly nothing.
  • Certain maps can be used as an advantage in dealing massive amounts of damage to bosses that are weak to teamwork and coordination.
  • Bosses that are a rank of Amber or Hard will have both a Melee and Range attack for nearby and far players, creating a more difficult environment.
  • While some abilities exist to deal damage, others can be used as a distraction for bosses.
  • Make sure to upgrade weapons or armor when possible, as every little piece will help make a huge difference during the match and affect the results.


It takes a village to create a server, and RyanDxxx made sure to give credit where it’s due.

  • _Rascal has made a few maps for us and a lot in the past which I’m very grateful for.”
  • Vocall is the mastermind behind it all with the majority of command blocks coded by him.”
  • “[Thanks to] ThatOneTqnk, TehRaptor, and CouchWreckersSon for just being there and advertising – because why not?”

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