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Welcome to Wizard!

The grind never stops… even when it leads you to prison.

Wizard is a prison server with a very simple goal: make money. The server is made for people who love grinding and going into combat; if that sounds like you, jump into via your Minecraft client now to check the server out!

How It Works

  • When you spawn, there are two types of mines available: the Safe Mine and the PvP Mine.
  • The Safe Mine is best for when you first begin, as you can mine without being killed by other players.
  • At the PvP Mine, players can get better ores and rewards for mining, but there’s a risk of combat against other players.
  • Not to be confused with the PvP mine, players can use the command /warp PVP to travel to a different mine that gives rewards for mining based on the type of pickaxe you have. This mine, however, is for people with PvP skills and tactic thinking, because you will lose all your items if you die.
  • /rankups give benefits such as kits and better commands, including /chat, /invsee, and /speed.

An Improved Prison Server

We asked Super about the origin of Wizard.

“I decided to create the server because back when Minecraft was on 1.7, I was playing on a prison server that had none of the features I wanted. I decided to experiment and work on Wizard where I could improve the features, implementing ideas that I thought were great but other servers were missing. These additions are why many people like Wizard – including me!”

Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t go directly into the PvP zone.
  • Take your time to grind and craft valuable armor and weapons that will give you an advantage as a player.
  • Try to get the Blast enchantment when possible.
  • Think logically and team up with players to help further your progress.
  • Don’t give up!
  • When you mine at the PvP Mine or /Warp PvP, you get keys that allow you to obtain random equipment that will give your advantages while grinding or in combat.
  • Never give up.

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