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Welcome to ibox!

ibox is a unique infected server made with 900+ command blocks inspired by the game mode Zombie Survival from Garry’s Mod. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. Jump into via your Minecraft client now to try it out!

How It Works

  • In this infected server, your goal is to kill zombies… that is, unless you become the infected. Then, it’s your goal to kill humans. Whose side will you be on?
  • You have to protect the Mystery Chest. Every time you get a kill, you will receive a mystery key which you can use on the Mystery Chest. You can get potions, swords, armor, tools, golden apples or arrows from the chest. If a zombie destroys the chest, you won’t be able to use it anymore.
  • If humans survive 600 seconds, they win. If they don’t, they lose.
  • A new zombie class unlocks every 100 seconds.
  • You get 50 coins when you win as a human, 1 coin when you kill a zombie, 10 coins when you kill a human as a zombie.
  • You can buy stuff at /shop, and you can gamble your coins at spawn.


One of DrOzi‘s favorite memories was accidentally skewing the in-game stats…. by just a bit.

“A fun memory was when I messed up and everyone all of the sudden got like 652,343 kills and 32,423 wins in their stats. My friend fixed it for me though. Thanks KevXtroy <3″

ibox was also featured on Good Grief! Check out their quick feature below.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try not to skybase. It never works unless there’s around 100 seconds left.
  • Farm kills at the beginning (at about 600-450 secs) so you can have a lot of gear later in the game when new classes unlock.
  • Always help your teammates. If your teammates die, you die.
  • Never fight to the last health. Just run away when you’re low, unless it’s a sprinter. Sprinters are way too fast, you can’t run away from them.

Join the Discord

Looking to meet the ibox community? Join their Discord here!

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