The LOGITECH G CHALLENGE is a free three-month online competition that allows League of Legends players to battle for epic prizes, including an Alienware Desktop PC ($3,200 value), LOGITECH G PRO Gaming Gear Bundle ($470 value), and more. Players will join an alliance at the start of every month, compete against other players on Summoner’s Rift, and rank up on the leaderboard.

The second week of gameplay has come to an end, and the Alliances have remained in the same positions. That said, a new month starts on March 3rd, so players will be able to change Alliances and get a fresh start. Just remember that changing Alliances will not affect your score, and being in the most populated Alliance will not necessarily help you either.

Need a refresher on what happened during the first week of gameplay? Read our recap for 2/10 to 2/16 here.

Alliance Standings

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The gap between first and last place has widened to a 23.6 point difference between the PROJECT Alliance and the Pool Party Alliance. Despite PROJECT‘s low Victory and Activity Points, its members have achieved enough Contribution (also known as Game Share) Points to compensate for that.

While the Star Guardian Alliance actually accumulated more points than the PROJECT Alliance in the second week of gameplay, the 0.6 point difference was not enough to put them in the lead.

Meanwhile, the Arcade Alliance stays in third place, suffering mostly from its lack of Activity and Contribution Points despite having the most Victory Points of all Alliances – truly PROJECT’S opposite.

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Individual Standings

The top individual players of each Alliance have also not changed too drastically since the first week.  Teał of the Arcade Alliance and Trøy of the Pool Party Alliance have stayed in their first and third place positions, respectively.

KL FaithZone of the Star Guardian Alliance has dropped to rank 9, though still remaining as the top player of the Alliance. This week, a new player appeared as the top player for PROJECT with Kammr, rank 19, taking Unya’s place.

This week, the winners of the G502 HERO Gaming Mouse and $25 Best Buy gift card are Prxphecy (Arcade), TC porsche (Pool Party), JFord (Star Guardian), and Kammr (PROJECT). Congrats!

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Gameplay Highlights

For a glimpse into gameplay, check out our recap show on Super League TV below! We stream games every Wednesday at 6PM PT, so make sure you queue in for your chance to be featured.

Join the Battle

It’s not too late to join the LOGITECH G CHALLENGE. Although you’ll be assigned to an Alliance for the remainder of the month, you’ll be able to change your alliance next week during Recruitment from 3/3 to 3/9.

To learn more about the tournament and how scoring works, check out our guide, FAQ, or email contactus@superleague.com with your questions.

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