Super Leaguers,

You’ve been with us through City Champs seasons, digital tournaments, viewing parties and more. Over the past three years across several game titles, we’ve celebrated three-peat City Champs winners, seen countless Barons captured, witnessed thousands of zombies slain, and watched Princess Towers fall in heated battles. Through it all, you’ve brought your laptops, your phones, and your friends and family, always ready to get into the game. Whether in a movie theater, LAN Center or your home, your gameplay has been larger than life and ever-lasting. You’ve helped us build an incredible community and make competitive gaming a great experience we all can share. You’ve helped us grow.

Today, Super League Gaming became a public company. It’s a big step. One that means we can continue to grow and continue to bring you more – more experiences, more fun, more opportunities to play. We are excited to honor your treasured devotion, as you have fueled our spirit and inspired us on a daily basis.

Our future as a community of Super Leaguers is bright. We’re ready to level up – together.

Thank you for belonging to Super League.