Goblin barrels were in the air for our February Super League Clash Nights across the nation, and we were especially excited to bring our event to Topgolf Las Vegas for the first time. Thanks to all the players who came out to hone their skills in our tournament – watch their games below!


Congrats to StarWars|黃宇宏 who truly had the force with him as he won 2-0. On the other hand, it was yet another tough Super League Clash Nights for JonKim who made it to the finals for a second time in a row but lost to his opponent. Will March be his month?


The Central Conference saw two new faces in the finals. Though Zach won the first game, 9+10=22 won the second… only to have Zach take his rightful victory and leave 9+10=22 wondering if he needed to worry about more than just his math skills.


There was a major case of déjà vu in the Mountain Conference as we saw the exact same finalists (and former newcomers) from the last Super League Clash Nights: Star Light and Nova | Jesus. Furthermore, Star Light repeated his victory from January as he claimed a 2-0 score.


What was your reaction to the Pacific Conference finals: “ah craaaap” or “OHH YEAHHH”? It seems as if our two finalists should have switched names for the night as ah craaaap beat OHH YEAHHH 2-0.


We hold Super League Clash Nights monthly in cities across the nation. To get the latest updates on these events, check our our Clash Royale page and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!