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Welcome to CrystalMC!

CrystalMC is a SkyBlock server with many features, such as custom sell, custom supply drops, custom islands, and of course, custom PvP arenas. Head over to via your Minecraft client now to check it out.

Straight from its creator cheekeh, the goal of CrystalMC is “for players to have fun.” In other words, it’s completely up to you whether you want to duel with other players or mine blocks to create the best island… or both!

How It Works

  • In a Skyblock server, players have their own island in which they can place Diamond Blocks in order to gain additional island levels. The more island levels you have, the higher your island is ranked.
  • However, if you need a break from grinding for the best island, feel free to challenge some other players with /duels or head over to the PvP mine (/pvp) to battle.
  • To find Diamond, Gold, and other mineral blocks for your island, you must first mine them first using /mine.
  • Gather Crystals to spend on Spawners and Sell Multipliers at the shop. There will be new items coming soon!

The Making of CrystalMC

CrystalMC is no stranger to the Minecraft community, seeing as it existed back in 2017 with a record of over 10,000 joins. However, when it got shutdown, cheekeh and ItsBrian knew they wanted to bring it back.

Fast forward to 2019, and you’ll see the new and improved CrystalMC growing. The server recently achieved its goal of reaching 1,000 unique joins in under 24 hours.

When asked for the best moments of CrystalMC, cheekeh shared:

“The fun memories are when we do PvP events – those are always fun! I also enjoyed the memories of us messing around during the creation of the server.

There was also the time we did a PvP event alongside a Music Event not too long ago. Players fought me and the ones who were able to kill me first got a reward. We did the event to keep our players happy, engaged, and having fun!”

Tips & Tricks

  • Mine first. Look out for Lucky Blocks (sea lantern blocks) which have a chance of rewarding keys, crystals, and money!
  • Use keys at /warp crates to uncover more rewards. The higher you go, the better your chances for a better reward.
  • Players can also complete certain achievements and quests (/a and /q) for rewards. An example of a quest would be “kill 10 players” while achievements would be “say something in chat!”
  • Supply drops spawn every 30 minutes and contain items that players can rush to claim.

Join the Discord

Join the CrystalMC community on Discord here!

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