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Your Guide to LAN Prix

By March 11, 2019

This guide was updated to info on Lan Prix 3.0 on 5/20/19.


In LAN Prix, premade teams from LAN centers across the nation will face off in a 5v5 League of Legends tournament for four weeks. Games begin June 5th.

LAN Centers

Every Saturday, teams will compete at any of the participating LANs below. Matches will kick off promptly at 1PM PT, so make sure to arrive on time.


To register for LAN Prix, you will need a team of five players, one of which will be the designated captain. The captain will be responsible for registering all members of the team on Toornament. Registration is open now!

Don’t have a full team? Connect with other players in our League of Legends community on Discord and Facebook.


Group Stage (Week 1)

All teams will play three games in a Swiss-style group stage, with performance in each match determining opponents in subsequent rounds. Every team will play three games with the goal of winning as many of those games as possible in order to make it into the top-tier bracket.

Bracket Stage (Week 2-4)

Based on performance in the first week, each team will be placed in a single elimination bracket. All teams in the group stage will play during the bracket stage, but only the top-tier bracket will be eligible for prizing. Teams will win as many games as possible with the goal of making it to the third, and then fourth, week.


The winning team will sport team jackets customized for each individual player with their team name and player name, and 1380 RP. Teams who win in lower brackets will take home 1380 RP to fulfill all their in-game needs.


EmailĀ contactus@superleague.com.

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