The Update

Hey all!

We’ve been seeing a lot of excitement across our social media about the LAN Prix, and we’re delighted so many of you have been showing interest! We have two minor updates to the format of LAN Prix for you all that we think everyone will enjoy.

Substitution Update (we hear you!):

After some initial feedback from the community regarding LAN Prix, and reviewing capabilities available to us, we’re now allowing for every team to have one optional sub, creating the possibility of a 6 person LAN Prix team. This is not a hard requirement for you to be eligible to compete. This change to include a substitute option aims to help team captains plan around instances where one of your teammates may have to be absent during a match day.

Prizing Update:

Substitutes registered to a team will only be eligible for prizing if they have participated in at least one game during the LAN Prix.

We look forward to seeing you on the rift!

Liam Slack, Director of Tournament Operations

Additional Reminders

To register for LAN Prix, the team captain will be responsible for registering all members of the team on Toornament. Register here!

Don’t have a full team? Connect with other players in our League of Legends community on Discord and Facebook.

Check out our guide to the LAN Prix and our FAQ.

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