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Welcome to Crackcode!

Can you crack the code?

Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test in Crackcode, a server that will have you seeing the world in numbers. Try it out now by going to via your Minecraft server!

How It Works

  • To get to the next level of Crackcode, you need to figure out the secret code.
  • All codes will be 4-digits in length
  • The order of the numbers does not matter.
  • Make sure you have server resource packs enabled. If your resource packs are not downloading, “Direct Connect” to the server.
  • Clear your code after every try.

The Making of Crackcode

Crackcode works entirely by command blocks, CreateYourOwnMenus, and a custom texture pack. When asked for the best memories about creating Crackcode, the server’s owner, Nobodyeet, shared:

“During creation, I really enjoyed leaving the server unwhitelisted and letting people check out what I have so far. I had nothing but good comments during early development, and that felt great. When I bought player slots and had 25 people online, I really enjoyed helping out people who were stuck and seeing people freak out when someone passed their level.”

We love when the Minehut community works together, and we’re excited to see more of that positivity as more people find out about Crackcode.

Tips & Tricks

  • Count everything! Look for patterns, shapes, and hidden numbers. Anything can be a clue.
  • Read. Every level has a hint that can guide you as to where to look for numbers.
  • Stuck on the last number? While you can try guessing, there are plans to add a cooldown timer in the future.
  • Check back! Even if you’ve made it to the end, levels are constantly being added.
  • Do not share codes. Code sharing is not tolerated.

Join the Discord

Ready to meet your fellow code crackers? Join the Crackcode community on Discord!


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