On March 17Super League kicked off our first-ever Block Party event! This month Super League partnered with Shubble to build and launch a custom castle-themed Minehut server on her YouTube channel. Then, for two hours on Sunday, we hosted a livestreamed game of capture the flag where hundreds of Minehut players hopped in-game to battle it out alongside Shubble. You can check out the creation of her server on her YouTube channel:

The event kicked off at noon when Minecrafters from across the world were able to join one of four teams, each with their own castle to defend. Players competed against all other teams simultaneously, trying to steal the flag from enemy bases and bring it back to their own. 

Players had multiple paths to choose from to reach other bases, leading to some epic confrontations in center map where swarms of players converged in heated battle. Others opted for a more creative route and attempted to sneak into enemy bases. There, they found themselves in some tense 1v1 battles where one well-placed arrow could send either player plummeting off the map, forcing them to respawn in their base. 

In the end, the top 3 players based on wins, flag captures, and kills were:

  1. SpeedsXP with 337 points
  2. JackJack33 with 287 points
  3. ItsBrian with 240 points

Congrats to our winners! They will each be awarded some awesome Shubble merch along with some Minehut Credits which they can use to create or upgrade their own Minecraft server. 

Be sure to check in next month as we join up with another one of your favorite Minecraft creators! We’ll be following the creation of their own Minehut server, developing a custom game mode, and hosting a live tournament where you can play alongside them for some epic prizes.

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