Since Super League launched our Featured Server series we’ve gotten dozens of submissions from Minehut creators like you. We’ve explored servers from the bold, to the creative, to the fun, to the downright silly. This week, we’re recapping some of our very favorites to inspire you in your creations in Minehut!

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CrystalMCCrystalMC and its creator, cheekeh, set out to create a server “for players to have fun” and they have succeeded. CrystalMC is a Skyblocks server giving the player free realm to explore, mine, battle or build!

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WizardGrind it out and showoff your determination in the unique prison server, Wizard as you earn money in various mines. Start off in the Safe Mines and work your way up to the PVP Mines as you work for better items, money and standing within the world of Wizard.

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BossBashBossBash is a server dedicated to most difficult and rewarding part of any game – the boss battle! Each boss and map is totally random, making each experience totally unique. The server was crafted by a team of Minehut users each of them brining their skillset to a specific facet of the server from coding, to maps, and marketing!

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CrackCodeCrackCode is a puzzle-solving server that will have you seeing the world in numbers. Progress through a series of levels by uncovering a four-digit code hidden somewhere in your surroundings. Look for patterns, shapes, and hidden numbers—and don’t forget to use the clue you’re given at each level!

Learn more about the server here.

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