You’re Invited to the Block Party

Block Party is Super League’s content and event series, presented by Logitech G. Over the course of a few weeks, Minecraft fans will be able to follow a creator as they build a custom Minecraft server on Minehut. When it’s all done, players will be able to join in on the fun as the server opens up to the public for gameplay. Then do it all over again with a new guest!

Who’s Hosting the Party?

We had a great time playing capture the flag on a castle-themed server with Shubble at the last Block Party!

This time around, we have a new host all the way from the UK! For our second Block Party, Scott Major, more commonly known as Dangthatsalongname in the Minecraft community, will be collaborating with Super League for the very FIRST time. We’re super excited to have a new friend to build with and can’t wait to see what kind of server we’ll get to create together.

Want to know more about Dangthatsalongname? Check out his CrazierCraft video below:

Save the Date

Dangthatsalongname will be working on his Minehut server every week and sharing the progress on his YouTube channel. When it’s all done, you’ll get the chance to try it out and play online with him on Sunday, April 28th! Make sure to save the date:

  • Saturday, 4/13: Starting a Server 
  • Saturday, 4/20: Building Blocks 
  • Saturday, 4/27: Finishing Touches 
  • Sunday, 4/28 at 12PM PST: Game Day – Play with Dangthatsalongname on Minehut

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