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Welcome to Reworked!

Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games…

Reworked is a PvP server with lots of personality! Players can experience a unique crafting mechanic, try out different accessories, collect special resources, and fight others. Try it out now by heading over to via your Minecraft client.

How It Works

  • Enter the arena by jumping into the portal.
  • Start fighting other players and collecting resources from the ground, such as Branches, Feathers, Pebbles, Plant Shavings, and Toxic Spores.
  • Once you get enough, check out the Crafting Tables and Brewing Stand at spawn to create Potions, Accessories, Weapons, and Armour to become stronger.
  • Bleed stops natural health regeneration, rather than causing damage over time.
  • Dizzy on Bone Blade is Nausea, the Minecraft effect that warps vision in-game.
  • Use a normal GUI size (small works too!) in order to see every crafting recipe’s ingredients properly.

The Making of Reworked

It wouldn’t be a Minecraft server without a few goofs. EmeraldsEmeralds told us that some of the best memories of making Reworked were experiencing the errors during development.

“I was working on an experimental accessory to disable fall damage. Turns out that the thing I used (Jump Boost 255) causes you to SKYROCKET when you take damage midair. Had to scrap that, but it was pretty fun.”

Reworked was also featured on Super League TV in an episode of Good Grief. Check it out below!


Tips & Tricks

Because the game is balanced, there is no “best” item. That said, there are some powerful contenders…

  • Potions
    • Potion of the Sanguimancer: Kills grant strength I for 4 seconds, hits cause the bleed status effect
    • Potion of the Mycologist: Hits cause poisonous spore clouds to appear
    • Potion of the Sharpshooter: Boosts bow damage
    • Potion of the Zephyr: Boosts speed and jumps
  • Accessories
    • Bezoar: Gives complete poison immunity
    • Pouch of Spores: 20% chance of poisoning the enemy on a melee hit, while also being more affordable than Bezoar
  • Melee Weapons:
    • Mossy: 50% chance to Entangle (slow) for 3 seconds
    • Bone: 50% chance to Dizzy (Nausea) for 5 seconds
  • Ranged Weapons:
    • Sharpener: A bow that causes the Bleed status effect (which stops natural health regeneration) to any players near the arrow
    • Fungicide: A bow that causes large clouds of poisonous spores to appear once it hits any block. This doesn’t trigger when you directly hit a player.
  • Armour:
    • Skeletal Armour: Easiest to obtain and grants a lot of walk speed
    • Mossy Armour: Good for being tanky and achieving killstreaks 

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