Week 2 has come to an end, and the Pool Party Alliance refuses to relinquish their lead. Will they be able to hold onto their spot for just one more week?

The LOGITECH G CHALLENGE is a free three-month online competition that allows League of Legends players to battle for epic prizes, including an Alienware Desktop PC ($3,200 value), LOGITECH G PRO Gaming Gear Bundle ($470 value), and more. Players will join an alliance at the start of every month, compete against other players on Summoner’s Rift, and rank up on the leaderboard.

Alliance Standings

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At first glance, you may think that nothing has changed since last week… and you’d be right! All four alliances have stayed at the same rank, with Pool Party at the top, followed by Arcade and Star Guardian, and ending with PROJECT.

While PROJECT improved their performance over Week 1, it was not enough to move them up. On the other hand, Pool Party’s weekly score dropped but their lead kept them safe… at least this time around.

Next week, we’ll find out which Alliance will reign for the very last month of the LOGITECH G CHALLENGE. Follow the Alliance Standings here!

Individual Standings

Veteran LOGITECH G CHALLENGE winners – Amabel (Project, rank 1), jeudacy (Star Guardian, rank 2), and Kammr (Arcade, rank 3) all topped their Alliances and the individual leaderboards. Meanwhile, the Pool Party Alliance saw more of a splash as newcomer Zawale (rank 9) claimed the title as the best player in his Alliance this week.

As we all know, the weekly prize (a Logitech G502 Hero Gaming Mouse and $25 Best Buy gift card) cannot be won by the same person price… which means that our new prize winners for the week, in addition to Zawale (Pool Party, rank 9), will be MarkyDaSharky (PROJECT, rank 3), BaRReTBLaDe (Star Guardian, rank 4), and Ragnul (Arcade, rank 23).

Check out our individual standings here!

Join the Battle

While it’s too late to select an Alliance for this month, you can still sign up to participate! Sign up now.

To learn more about the tournament and how scoring works, check out our guide, FAQ, or email contactus@superleague.com with your questions.

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