Dragon Tamers Wanted.

On May 19th, your favorite Clash Royale tournament returns with new cities, new formats, and new prizes! The season begins with the Electro Dragon Cup, which will then be followed by the Inferno Dragon Cup and Baby Dragon Cup.

In City Champs, Clash Royale players will play against one another for a chance to represent their city in a greater national tournament. It’s the perfect place to both train and test your skills, all while helping to build a new Clash Royale community.

In the first season of Clash Royale City Champs, Miami dominated the Barbarian Cup and Archers Cup, only to have Los Angeles steal the gold medal from right underneath their noses. This time around, we’re excited to see if the rivalry will continue or if new challengers will arise.

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In the first hour of the event, Clash Royale players will compete locally to be one of the top five players in their city. In the second hour, these top five players will then go on to represent their city in a national tournament against other the other top five players of other cities.

Unlike Season 1 of Clash Royale City Champs, the three cups this season – Electro, Inferno, and Baby – will not be dependent on one another. Each event will stand on its own, and the winner of each event will be that cup’s City Champs.

We’re excited to bring new prizes to you this year!

The top five players of every city will receive a jersey and a Clash Royale tote bag containing an official Supercell plush, Mini Dancing Goblin Mystery Box, and most importantly, Clash Royale socks!

In addition to the above, the top five players of the winning city will also receive a $100 gift card for use on the Apple Store or Google Play to further improve their Clash Royale experience.

Lastly, we’re most excited to announce that everyone who plays in Clash Royale City Champs will receive an event-exclusive poster, thundersticks, and entry into a raffle to win Clash Royale figures.


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Games begin May 19th. Find your event now to play and become part of a growing Clash Royale community!