After four weeks of baron steals, penta kills, Zoe bans, and JUSTICEFORPHILLY hashtags, Super League’s LAN Prix national tournament has crowned its first champions—Norton, Best Jinx NA :), Compliant, Marc, Karl wiith a K, and Secretic of team 4Head. But before we head ahead of ourselves (no pun intended), let’s break down what happened week by week.

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Week 1: Swiss Group Stage

In the first week of tournament play, thirty-two premade teams from all corners of the country gathered at local LAN centers to face off in the Swiss Group Stage. Each premade played three games against three different teams to determine their bracket placement, and by the end of the week four teams seemed to rise above the rest.

In a surprising turn of events, #JUSTICEFORPHILLY defeated early tournament favorites Team pls lettuce win and went 3-0 in Week 1. San Jose State Yellow, 4Head, and SOLO QUE FIGHTERS also finished the Swiss Group Stage each with a 3-0 record, taking down some formidable opponents including Cracked, Garlic and his cloves, and The Shockwaves, respectively.

Week 2: Playoffs

In the first week of playoffs, our four front-running teams continued their hot streaks, each smashing their matchups in 2-0 sweeps. 4Head took down Team pls lettuce win, solidifying their reputation as the team to beat. #JUSTICEFORPHILLY brushed aside their opponents hustlers in an easy matchup that highlighted FishBurger1116 and Dinkleburrrrrrg as power players. Other players to look out for in the first week of playoffs included Norton and Karl wiith a K over in 4Head, who played nontraditional champions and pushed relentlessly, as well as Iron mann and MrJimmyOG, who was a consistent source of damage, from San Jose State Yellow.

Week 3: Semifinals

The LAN Prix Semifinals featured a tense face-off between powerhouse teams 4Head and #JUSTICEFORPHILLY, which was made even more interesting as Dinkleburrrrrrg subbed out for the match. Without a key player, #JUSTICEFORPHILLY managed to beat back 4Head for a short while at the beginning of Game 1 and held their own against their highly favored opponents before being defeated. 4Head made quick work of #JUSTICEFORPHILLY in Game 2, finishing the round undefeated earning themselves a spot in the Finals.

Meanwhile, a matchup between San Jose State Yellow and SOLO QUE FIGHTERS went to a grueling three-game series. But in Game 3, San Jose State Yellow proved to be too much for SOLO QUE FIGHTERS to handle. With a spot in the Finals and the title of LAN Prix Champions just out of reach, San Jose State Yellow faced one remaining obstacle: 4Head.

Week 4: Finals

4Head entered the LAN Prix Finals as favorites and put on an impressive display of force in Game 1 against San Jose State Yellow. After their win in the first game, most would have assumed an easy 2-0 sweep for 4Head. However, San Jose State Yellow rallied in Game 2 to silence their skeptics, taking control of the game and never looking back. The dynamic back-and-forth between the two teams set up for a fantastic Game 3—suddenly, no one knew what would happen.

In the final round San Jose State Yellow put together a solid team fight composition, but to no avail. 4Head drafted two assassins and managed to get Norton and Karl wiith a K snowballing. The two began picking targets off one by one, and 4Head was soon pulling San Jose State Yellow apart by the seams. Capitalizing on their opponents’ panic and miscommunication, 4Head took the W, the custom team jackets, as well as the title of first-ever LAN Prix Champions.

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