We had a great time at the Block Party with Scott Major, also known as Dangthatsalongname! If you missed the series, check out the videos below to see his Bedwars server and learn how YOU can make your own free Minehut server.

Starting a Server

In his first video, Scott walks us through how to set up a Minehut server for the first time. Choose your server name, spice up your server with plugins, and then start it up! Plugins are now free on Minehut, meaning you can now try them all out and see what you like best.

Building Blocks

It’s a sunny day in Dangthatsalongname’s server! In this video, we saw some progress made on the server… and an option to revert to Old Combat. Who wouldn’t want to play Bedwars in a world of sunflowers?

Finishing Touches

Hot dogs? Sundaes? DONUTS? This is only one of the many sweet worlds in Dangthatsalongname’s Minehut server. In this last video, Scott shows off his completed server and invites his viewers to play Bedwars on it the next day.

Game Day

Last Saturday, our Minecraft players got the chance to jump in and play Bedwars alongside Dangthatsalongname on his server! Thank you to Dangthatsalongname for hosting and to all of the players who came out to the Block Party today.

We apologize for the connectivity issues due to (as Scott put it) your collective sheer awesomeness. We hope to hop into some Minehut servers again with you soon!

If you didn’t get the chance to participate, make sure to keep an eye out on our Super League channels to find out about our future events.

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