Thank you to all the players who came out to our monthly Super League Clash Nights events last week, and congrats to our winners of the month! It’s always an exciting time for us when we get to watch our Clash Royale community compete, improve their skills, and try out new decks, and it’s even more exciting when we get to do it in new cities across the nation.

Couldn’t make it out to the event? Make sure to catch up on everything you missed below on Super League TV, casted by Michael Ullman and Rich Slaton:


The Eastern Conference finals went all the way to game three! In the first game, both 3dy550m and •LB™️• YodelH came onto the scene with new decks. While 3dy550m won the first match, it was ultimately •LB™️• YodelH who would be crowned the Eastern Conference champion after coming back with two wins.


Zach was the Central Conference champion back in February, but took a back seat as two other players made the finals for March. This month, he came back with a mission: reclaim the title… and that is, in fact, what he did. Going 2-0 in the finals against Leadr, Zach proved he still had the skills to be the best in the Central Conference.


Going 18-0 without losing a single tower during the night, Blaze is proving himself to be the man to beat in the Pacific Conference. While oliver made it to the finals, he could not stand up against the fiery Super League Clash Royale veteran we all know and love (and envy).

We hold Super League Clash Nights monthly in cities across the nation. To get the latest updates on these events, check our our Clash Royale page and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!