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This month, Super League will be hosting a scavenger hunt to complement your Community Day!

On November 16, 2019, come out and complete our special research tasks for a chance to win prizes and bring honor to your team. We will be crowning the top individual player and the top team… Will it be Team Valor, Mystic, or Instinct who reigns victorious? For detailed prizing information, keep reading below.

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What is Community Day?

One day every month, Pokemon Go hosts an in-game Community Day event for a few hours. During this day, one special Pokemon is featured, with its shiny form being released for the first time. For this month’s Community Day:

🔥 Chimchar and shiny Chimchar spawn rates are boosted

🔥 1/4 Egg Hatch Distance

🔥 3-Hour Lures

🔥 Exclusive move for Infernape

How It Works

  1. Sign-up to represent Team Valor, Mystic, or Instinct.
  2. At 10:30AM on the event day, come out to our Super League Home Base for the day to check-in and pick up your checklist and Chimchar Community Day Sticker.
  3. Spend the next three hours exploring your city and completing research tasks, either on your own or with new and old teammates!
  4. Make sure to screenshot evidence of your completed tasks through our online form or you will not earn those points. No exceptions.
  5. Return to the Home Base at 2PM to validate your points and redeem them for raffle tickets. Scores are locked at 2PM.
  6. We will then announce the top player and top team and begin prizing distribution.


Each Research Task on the checklist is worth a certain amount of points. For every 5 points, you will receive a raffle ticket.

  • Easy – 1 point
  • Medium – 2 points
  • Hard – 5 points

There will be instructions on how to document your completion of the tasks, such as by submitting screenshots of your Pokémon bag or journal entry. Don’t wait until the end of the event to document your journal entries, as they may be lost.


Prizes will be awarded to:

🔥 The top individual player with the most points

🔥 The top team (Valor, Mystic, or Instinct) with the most points

🔥 Lucky raffle winners

All participants have a chance to win! Prizes include:

🔥 Jumbo Infernape plush (14.5 inch)

🔥 6x Kanto Starter Pokédolls (2x Bulbasaur, 2x Charmander, 2x Squirtle)

🔥 3x Galar Starter pins

🔥 Jirachi Pokédoll

🔥 Mewtwo Plush

🔥 Lapras Pokédoll

🙊 Exclusive Chimchar Community Day Button for the winning team

🐵 Chimchar Community Day Sticker for everyone!



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