After three months of hard-fought battles in Summoners Rift, Super League’s LOGITECH G CHALLENGE has come to an end. Let’s see which Alliance came out on top, and which 20 skilled players will be taking home some well-earned prizes.

April Standings

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Let’s dive right in! (Wink wink.) That’s right, the Pool Party Alliance maintained its lead in the last week of gameplay after dominating the Alliance leaderboard the entire month of April. Arcade, Star Guardian, and PROJECT also maintain their ranks from last week despite PROJECT’s best efforts to close the gap between third and fourth place.

Over in individual standings appeared familiar names like jeudacy (Star Guardian, rank 1), Corrupt Hope (Arcade, rank 2), and Zawale (Pool Party, rank 3), leaderboard regulars who have managed to score highest within their alliances multiple times throughout LOGITECH G CHALLENGE. A fresh face from over in PROJECT MarkyDaSharky (rank 7) also racked up the points to make it onto the leaderboard alongside these veterans.

Overall Standings

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After a last-place finish back in February, the Pool Party Alliance rallied its forces to take home the gold with only a 10 point lead over Arcade, which finished in second place. Trailing by over 200 points came the PROJECT Alliance in third place, a disappointing finish after their first-place rank in the first month of LOGITECH G CHALLENGE. Finally, after a rough go in March and April, the Star Guardian alliance finished in fourth place overall.

So, you should be wondering by now, who won? The Alienware Area-51 Gaming Desktop PC, that is. Well—behold!—your LOGITECH G CHALLENGE winner, Kammr! Congrats to Kammr, who will be taking home both the Alienware Desktop PC and a PRO Gaming Gear Bundle. And congrats to the Top 20 players as well, who will also be awarded some sweet Logitech G and Best Buy prizes:

  1. Kammr
  2. Corrupt Hope
  3. Jeudacy
  4. MarkyDaSharky
  5. TC porsche
  6. Teał
  7. DokiFTW
  8. Amabel
  9. Pyroen
  10. Unya
  11. Zawale
  12. LittleLantanas
  13. Adãm
  14. SherlockedHolmes
  15. Skywish
  16. OkLessGo
  17. MoHandyManny
  18. KL FaithZone
  19. Warrior5642
  20. DeidarasArt

Thanks to everyone who participated in Super League’s LOGITECH G CHALLENGE! Recruitment for May’s monthly online League of Legends tournament, the Freljord Feud, is on now through May 15. Choose your tribe from Power, Unity, Tradition, and Chaos and battle to unlock exclusive content, discount codes, and other digital prizes. Sign up here!

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