Our new teams for this season of Minecraft City Champs have been a spectacle to behold these past two weeks. The emergence of an intense city rivalry between Washington DC and Atlanta has been incredible, with only 20 points separating the two teams. The DC Conspirators have been holding the lead thus far in the competition, but the Atlanta Bashers have put up the fight of the ages every week.

Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay and Philadelphia went down to the wire during Week 2 of Divisional Play going back and forth throughout each game mode.  In the end, Tampa Bay and Philadelphia ended Week 2 tied with 99 points each. Our first tie of City Champs Season 3! With the tie, the Dungeoneers retain third place overall in the Inaugural Division entering the final week of Divisional Play. Philadelphia and Tampa Bay are forming an unlikely rivalry as they continue to battle it out for placement game after game!

Up Next: It’s win or go home in the third and final week of Divisional Play. Can Tampa Bay mount an epic comeback and overtake both DC and Atlanta for the right to represent the Inaugural Division in the Grand Final? Join us Saturday, May 12th to find out!

Philadelphia tied Tampa Bay 99 to 99, finishing in our first tie for third place in the Inaugural Division for Week 2. The two teams battled back and forth trading the third-place spot for most of the day. The Specters held a slim lead entering the final gameplay mode, but Tampa Bay fought hard during Zombies, and was able to tie up the game and maintain 3rd place in the overall standings.

Up Next: Philadelphia enters the final week of Divisional Play with momentum; after settling for fourth in Week 1, they scrapped their way to a third-place tie in Week 2. Can they put up enough points to overtake divisional leader DC and advance to the Grand Final? The Specters still have a ghost of a chance, but it will take all of their skills to pull off the biggest upset in league history.

Atlanta entered the second week of Divisional Play with high hopes on unseating divisional rival, Washington DC. Atlanta came prepared, holding a slight edge over DC after Domination. Not to be outdone, DC came storming back during Workshop, taking the lead and never looking back. In the end, the Bashers had to settle for another second-place finish with 168 points. Despite losing out on the top spot this week, Atlanta is only 20 points back of DC in a tight race for the Inaugural Division title entering the final week of Divisional Play.

Atlanta had two of the top 12 players with both Amarax (2590 points) and Hit_Me_Up making the cut.
Up Next: It all comes down to the third and final week of Divisional Play as the Bashers look to catch DC and win the right to represent the Inaugural Division in the Grand Final. Can Atlanta pull out the win or does DC have their number?

DC started Week 2 of Divisional Play riding high after a narrow win over rival Atlanta in Week 1. Atlanta got off to a hot start jumping out to an early lead, but you can never count out the Conspirators. DC didn’t come to settle for second and made their mark, taking the lead during Workshop. The Conspirators confidence built after that and they only got hotter, finishing the day in the top spot with a final score of 180 points. With Saturday’s victory, DC went up by 20 on Atlanta for the #1 spot overall in the Inaugural Division.

DC had the top 10 individual scorers led by HighonPVP (8370 points) with Buttyjumbo (7138 points), IanSmash1364 (6389 points), Dimonade (4791 points), and kitten_fire (4045 points) rounding out the top 5.

Up Next: Entering the final week of Divisional Play, DC has the lead in the Inaugural Division but only by 20 points. Can they hold on and earn the chance to advance to the Grand Final? Find out this Saturday!

This will be a fight to the finish as the Atlanta Bashers and the Washington DC Conspirators battle it out one last time for their spot in the finals. The Conspirators have shown us that precise planning and calculations can place you on the top of the pyramid, but the Bashers have that fighting spirit that keeps them going. Will careful planning be enough for Washington DC to keep their lead or will Atlanta prove that a fighting spirit and a can-do attitude is all you need for success?