The Central Division erupts with excitement as the Dallas Dynamite and Houston Blast go into Week 3 of Divisional Play with only 14 points separating the two teams. Dallas is leading the Central Division, eyeing their spot in the Finals for the 3rd time. Houston is rocketing towards Dallas for that 1st place spot in Finals Week at Mach speeds, and they just might surpass the seasoned vets. The Texas rivals can’t lose sight of the Denver Drakes either, as they look to prove that not everything is bigger in Texas.

The Dynamite exploded following a slow start in Mayhem, finding themselves in 2nd place in the Central Division. But they lit the fuse and proceeded to put up massive points in Domination, Workshop, and Soccer to put themselves comfortably in the lead for the remainder of the day. Dallas now find themselves in 1st place overall in the Central Division with eyes towards the Grand Final.

Dallas dominated the Top 12 Players standings in the Central Division with Albach (8,599 points), Deloch (8,559 points), RampageForce (8,481 points), TexanSlayer (8,375 points) and blackbelt2019 (7,792 points) owning the top 5 spots.

Up next: Dallas is one week away from earning a 3rd straight Grand Final appearance. Can they continue their march towards a re-match with Los Angeles? They face stiff competition with Houston only 14 points behind. It will all come down to Week 3 this Saturday!

The Drakes had another great showing, finding themselves as high as 1st place during the early portions of Week 2. However, Dallas went on an epic run and Denver fell to 3rd place in what is shaping up to be an incredibly tight Central Division. The Drakes lost to Houston by only 8 points and find themselves in 3rd place in the overall division standings. Denver has shown great skill in racking up huge points in Mayhem, Workshop, Soccer, and Walls putting on clinics in those game modes last week. They enter the final week of Divisional Play with the #1 spot in their sites.

Denver was led by KaZPro with 6,859 points with KevinBoomSnorf (6,393 points) and lemonaidlover (6365 points) joining KazPro in the Top 12 Players in the Central Division.

Up Next: Denver will look to heighten their game to the next level as they have one week left to snuff out the Dallas Dynamite and contain the Houston Blast. Can they lean on their core strengths in games like Workshop and Walls to close the gap? We’ll find out Saturday!

Houston blasted themselves back into orbit scoring 194 points and now find themselves hot on the tails of the Dallas Dynamite for first place in the Central Division. Houston had interstellar showings in Domination and Workshop giving even the mighty Dynamite something to sweat about! Houston’s improvement over the last few weeks has been a sight to see, as they worked together as a team to become a formidable opponent in the tough Central Division. The Blast are only 14 points out of first, making the Central the tightest divisional race in the league.

Houston was led by their A and B squad who both ranked in the Top 10 Teams list for the divisions. These two squads will be pivotal as Houston hopes to make a splash on re-entry next week!

Up Next: Houston looks to continue their rocket-like improvement with an upset of in-state rival, Dallas, in the third and final week of Divisional Play. Can they score enough to make a run at the Grand Finals?

Phoenix finds itself in a tight battle in one of the toughest divisions in Super League. After 2 weeks of Divisional Play, Pheonix is 23 points behind 3rd place Denver as they look to battle it out for bragging rights in the Central Division. Phoenix has been slow and steady all season with their A, B and C squads all in the Top Ten Teams leaderboard for Week 2. As the Blaze continue to improve, they will become a true contender in City Champs.

Up Next: Phoenix will attempt to gain some ground on Denver and Houston as they all look to take down Dallas. This division is certainly up for grabs – who will cease the moment?

With the Dallas Dynamite and Houston Blast being so close to each other in points, the competition will be fierce! Winning one game mode may decide if Dallas moves on to their 3rd City Champs Final or if we’ll see a new team in the finals roster. Will Dallas fizzle out of the competition? Will Houston’s flight be grounded until next season? Will the Denver Drakes soar past them both? We’ll find out this Saturday.