If you’re looking for a rush, look no further than the East Division. It’s a true battle between the Boston Revolt, the New York Fury, and the Miami Menace for the chance to go to Grand Final. New York and Boston are no strangers to the spotlight either as both teams have made appearances in the finals of previous seasons of Minecraft City Champs. Meanwhile, Miami looks to break through and earn the right to play in their first Grand Final.

Miami entered Week 2 of Divisional Play coming off a thrilling Week 1 in which they beat out New York for second place in the Eastern Division. The Menace showed tenacity as the day wore on, but Miami could not seem to pull themselves out of fourth in a highly competitive match in the East Division. Heading into the second to last gameplay mode of the day, the Menace trailed Chicago for third place. Miami proceeded to put it all together during Crystal Crater, overtaking Chicago entering the final gameplay mode of the day. The Menace didn’t falter as they outscored Chicago during Zombies to finish in third place with a final score of 182 points.

Up Next: Miami is still within striking distance of the top spot in the Eastern Division when the final week of Divisional Play kicks off on Saturday. The Menace must bring their A-game if they hope to topple both Boston and New York and represent the East in the Grand Final.

Chicago continued to improve in Week 2 of Divisional Play as they increased their score for the second straight week. The Force took an early lead, narrowly outscoring Boston to lead the East Division after a masterful performance in Mayhem, the opening gameplay mode. Chicago slipped to second during Domination and spent the majority of the day trading off with New York for the #2 spot. During Crystal Crater, Miami was able to take over third place, relegating Chicago to fourth place where they finished the day with 155 points. The Force have much to be happy about, as they increased their point total by 11 compared to the previous week.

Up Next: Chicago enters the final week of Divisional Play with momentum as they have shown visible improvement each round. It will take an epic performance in Week 3 of Divisional Play for the Force to take the #1 spot in the Central Division. Can they write a storybook ending to their season and advance to the Grand Final? Find out Saturday!

Boston entered Week 2 of Divisional Play with the swagger of a champion after their dominant Week 1 performance. They started the day trailing Chicago slightly after Mayhem. But like all champions, the Revolt took the lead after Domination and held onto the top spot for much of the day. That all came to a halt during Crystal Crater when New York came roaring back with fury and never looked back. NY took the #1 spot for the week with the final score 209 to Boston’s 202. All was not lost though as Boston retained the #1 overall spot in the Eastern Division with a 24-point lead as we enter the third and final week of Divisional Play.

Up Next: Boston is still in the lead entering the final week of Divisional Play, but New York is close behind. Boston will look to lock down the # 1 spot in the Eastern Division and head to the Grand Final where they hope to take home the Super League Championship, a title that has alluded them thus far.

New York
After being beaten out by Miami for second place last week, New York entered Week 2 of Divisional Play with plenty of motivation. Things did not go smoothly at first as the Fury found themselves in third place after the first two gameplay modes. New York refused to give up as they fought furiously back into contention, taking the top spot during Crystal Crater. Boston put forth a valiant effort during Zombies in an attempt to try and overtake the Fury, but New York narrowly pulled it out, outscoring Boston 209 to 202 and earning 1st place in Week 2 of Divisional Play.

Up Next: Through the first two weeks of Divisional Play, New York has proven their mettle and shown to be a serious contender. They enter the final week in second place in the Eastern Division with Boston and the #1 spot in their sites. The Fury will pull out all the stops when Week 3 kickoffs on Saturday in the hopes of representing the East in the Grand Final.

The Boston Revolt leads the pack as we go into week 3 of Divisional Play, but will their rebellion be stamped out? Going against veteran finalists like New York and hungry newcomers like Miami won’t be easy. With the scores being so close to each other 1 game could be the difference between a hard-fought victory or a heartbreaking defeat. It’ll be the ultimate showdown for finals in the Eastern Division between these three City Clubs and I’m excited to see how it plays out.