A lot of eyes are on the Western Division as the LA Shockwaves continue with their lead over not only the Western Division but the league with 462 total points. They can’t get too comfortable though, as the Las Vegas Wildcards have been pulling out every trick up their sleeves with 409 total points and are very close to taking the 1st place spot away from the Shockwaves and head to the Grand Final!

Los Angeles
The Shockwaves are on a mission to win their third straight Super League Championship and their determination and commitment have been shining through week-after-week of Minecraft City Champs! LA Stormed out of the gate and never looked back as they held the lead through each of the 7 game modes putting up a league-leading 229 points. This output not only gave LA the Week 2 win in Divisional Play but puts them in the top of the West Division standings overall with 462 points.

Los Angeles was led by ItsRichYT who put up a massive 7,962 points leading his team and the West Division in individual points. LA also received stellar performance by DarthAJVader (7,168 points), GR1MMM_CREEPER (7,124 points), Acmgamezx (7,074 points), dreamybridge (7,001 points) and TiNySlimEy (6,859 points) as the Shockwaves dominated the Top Players chart.

Up Next: LA can’t be too relaxed as Las Vegas has been chasing them down since Practice Week. The Shockwaves have a solid, but certainly not insurmountable lead of 53 points. LA needs to come focused, and ready to play in Week 3 of Divisional Play to ensure their appearance in the Grand Final.

Las Vegas
The Wildcards have consistently improved week after week but were hampered in Week 2 with a slow start in Mayhem and Domination putting themselves in a hole at the outset of the day. However, Vegas hit their stride in Workshop, gaining ground on the competition. The slow start cost the Wildcards, with LA scoring a league-leading 229 points as Las Vegas settled for 2nd place in the West Division, putting up 202 points.

Las Vegas was led by ninjacraftable25 with 7,868 points and the custom-made cheat sheet he gave to his fellow players sharing his strategy with the rest of the team. Joining him in the Top 12 standings were Dragon_Games55 (7,124 points), Hunter101610 (6,979 points) and Seabelle07 (6,784 points).

Up Next: Vegas is living up to their name as they are the wildcard in the West Division. While LA holds the top spot, Las Vegas is only 53 points and if dealt the right cards, can shock the Shockwaves.

Seattle showed great improvement and scored more City Club points, 175, than they have all year. The Siege have shown their prowess in game modes such as Mayhem and Domination where they have consistently had teams and individuals place in the Top 10 earning them a solid 3rd place in the Divisional Standings. Seattle is a team on the rise and one the entire West Division should watch out for!

Seattle was led by MLG_MC with 6,113 points alongside LivieB9833 with 6,018 points who both rounded out the Top 12 Players standings in the West Division.

Up Next: Seattle looks to build upon their growth and showcase their talents in Week 3 of Divisional Play. Can they pull off the upset and end City Champs with a win for the ages? We’ll find out!

San Francisco
The Ionics keep showing their heart as they improve their overall point total and begin to make waves in game modes such as Walls, fueling their best performance yet during Week 2. The practice, hard work, and dedication are paying off as San Francisco’s A Squad also finished with a Top 10 Team ranking overall.

Up Next: San Francisco will look to keep the other teams at bay as they continue their rise up the Super League Rankings.

There’s a tremendous amount of pressure on both the LA Shockwaves and the Las Vegas Wildcards heading into Week 3 of Minecraft City Champs. Will LA be able to keep a cool head and lock in their spot for the Grand Final? Can the Wildcards claim the jackpot and win the Western Division? Can San Francisco or Seattle play spoiler?  One thing is certain, the West is no longer assured for the LA Shockwaves.