Los Angeles started this season as the favorite to win the Super League Championship following back-to-back undefeated title runs in Season 1 and 2. However, this season introduced new teams to Super League, divisional realignment added a 4th team to the West Division, and a new scoring system was implemented – while dominant in past seasons, would LA be able to overcome these changes?

In short, yes.

While the league may have changed, the Shockwaves did Shockwave like things starting with Week 1 of Divisional Play where they put up a record of 233 points, more points than any team has scored in a week all season. This statement let all of Super League know – the Shockwaves are determined to three-peat.

Week 2 was more of the same, the Shockwaves took 1st place in the Division, and while they led the league in points with 229, the drop from the previous week was a sign of the stiff competition they would face the rest of the season. LA didn’t seem phased, their confidence and championship pedigree carried them through Week 2 as they continued their undefeated winning streak that started way back in Season 1. LA turned their attention to Week 3, as they looked to complete a third undefeated season in Minecraft City Champs.

Entering Week 3, Los Angles looked unstoppable, but following Mayhem, the first game mode, Los Angeles found themselves in a close race with Las Vegas and Seattle. For the first time in three seasons, the Shockwaves looked vulnerable. Las Vegas remained on LA’s tail all day, pulling within 6 points of the defending champs late into the match until the Shockwave had spectacular showings in Walls and Crystal Crater to lock up the victory and save their undefeated season.  LA left with the win, a ticket to the Grand Final, and a sense of a relief.

The Grand Final will give Los Angeles their greatest test of the season. Dallas, Boston, and DC will all be looking to hand the Shockwave their first ever defeat in Super League history. Dallas will be a huge concern for LA as the Dynamite’s week-over-week improvement have their scores approaching LA-like levels. In addition, LA’s scores each week have dropped as the competition gets fiercer and better. LA must reverse this trend if they hope to win their 3rd straight championship. Join us on Tournament Central this Saturday at 10:30 AM PDT/1:30 PM EST to see who will take home the Super League Championship!

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