Season 3 of City Champs saw the introduction of four new franchises: the Philadelphia Specters, Tampa Bay Dungeoneers, Atlanta Bashers, and Washington DC Conspirators. With each team embarking on their Inaugural campaign, the league did not know what to expect from these new contenders. How would they compare to the more established franchises? Would they be embraced by their community? Who among them would ascend the top of the Inaugural Division and head to the Grand Final?

DC struck first, battling with Atlanta in Week 1 for the Division lead. The two teams battled back and forth from one gameplay mode to the next. The Bashers kept it close but ultimately the Conspirators pulled out the victory, with the final score of 172 to 164. DC took an early lead, but this rivalry was just beginning.

Week 2 of Divisional Play started off with DC fighting off an eager Atlanta trying to avenge their narrow loss from the prior week. DC showed the heart of a champion as they refused to give up and regained the lead during Workshop. The Conspirators were just getting started as they continued to build their lead throughout the day, securing the top spot in the division and besting their score form the previous week with 180 total points. After Week 2, DC had put their stamp on the season announcing that they were the team to beat in the Inaugural Division.

DC entered the final week of Divisional Play with a 20-point lead on Atlanta with the Bashers eyeing a comeback. Atlanta outscored DC in Mayhem and Domination and took an early lead 51 to 42.  Atlanta used their momentum earning a 115 to 113 advantage entering the last two gameplay modes. During Crystal Crater, DC plotted their comeback, outscoring the Basher by 17 points and regaining the lead 142 to 127 and booking their ticket to the Grand Final.  The Conspirators won both the week and the Divisional Title after a hard-fought inaugural season.

The Conspirators enter the Grand Final facing stiff competition in the two-time defending champion LA Shockwaves, the red-hot Dallas Dynamite, and Grand Final veterans the Boston Revolt. Can DC take advantage of their impressive track record in Workshop, Soccer, Crystal Crater, and Zombies? The Conspirators should take the time to shore up their weaknesses and develop a winning strategy for Mayhem, Domination, and Walls if they hope to take home the title. All bets are off this Saturday as the Super League Championship is up for grabs. Join us on Tournament Central this Saturday at 10:30 AM PDT/1:30 PM EST to see if DC can write the perfect ending to their storybook season!

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