The Dallas Dynamite make their return to the Grand Final in this season of Minecraft City Champs. Dallas is no stranger to the Grand Final having played against LA and Boston in prior seasons, losing to LA each time. The Dynamite blew away their competition during Divisional gameplay, but can Dallas finally flip the script and beat the LA Shockwaves?

Dallas started Week 1 of Divisional Play falling to their in-state rival, the Houston Blast. Dallas settled for 2nd place with 204 points, losing to Houston by a mere 5 points. Dallas took the lessons they learned home, practiced hard, and plotted their comeback.

Going into Week 2 of Divisional Play the Dynamite came with one goal: win.  The Dallas Dynamite took a marginal lead against Houston, winning 1st place with 213 points and claiming the top spot in the all-important Divisional Standings. The only question on everyone’s mind after Week 2 of gameplay was “Could they keep up the pressure?” Houston had beaten them once, and one more loss could be the difference between a spot in the Grand Final or an upsetting defeat until next season.

Entering the final Week of Divisional Play, the Dallas Dynamite had a 9-point Divisional lead on Houston. Dallas had an explosive start in Mayhem, shutting down all opponents. But Houston came roaring back, taking the lead in Domination. Dallas’ path to the Grand Final was suddenly in jeopardy. Houston pulled within 6-points following Soccer – facing elimination, Dallas pulled together for an epic run putting up massive points in Walls and Crystal Crater to put Houston away and stamp their ticket to the Grand Final!

The Dallas Dynamite return to the Grand Final to face off against the reigning Champion, LA Shockwaves, the veteran Boston Revolt, and the newcomer DC Conspirators in a fight to the finish! The Dynamite need to take this time to bolster up their defenses and make sure all of their Squads strategize for winning their Workshop, Soccer, Walls, and Crystal Crater game modes if they intend to unseat the LA Shockwaves from their two-time City Champion throne. Join us on Tournament Central this Saturday at 10:30 AM PDT/1:30 PM EST to see if Dallas will explode into history.

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