The Los Angeles Shockwaves have won their third-straight Super League Championship continuing their reign in Minecraft City Champs. Facing stiff competition from the other Grand Finalists, LA defeated Dallas, Boston, and DC to claim the title with 226 points. The Shockwaves outscored their closest foe, Dallas, by 38 points and remain undefeated in City Champs play.

Los Angeles started the Grand Final strong, holding a 19-point advantage after Mayhem and Domination. Dallas battled back in Workshop, one of their best game modes, closing the gap to only 12 points. The tension began to rise as Dallas eyed the upset, but they would never get any closer. LA stayed focus and battled back strategically to hold off Dallas and increase their lead in each game mode. Los Angeles put on a masterful performance in Walls targeting Dallas specifically. This strategy was the turning point LA needed to cement the Shockwaves Dynasty.

LA’s championship run was aided by LA Team’s A, G and H who each put up 40+ points collectively securing 1st place finishes in Mayhem, Workshop, Soccer, Walls, and Zombies. Dallas also played hard, putting forth some incredible individual performances, dominating the Top Players standings, but unable to put together the pieces as a team to come away with the win. Players like Ky9000, Colin_The_Cow, LegoBen09 and others show Dallas has the talent to be a force in Super League for years to come.

Los Angeles will enter Season 4 of City Champs as the favorites once again, but with the refined scoring system, a rising in-division rival in Las Vegas and an explosive Grand Final rival in Dallas, Los Angeles will face their toughest path yet to the Super League Championship.

Los Angeles will celebrate their hard-fought victory with Super League and Nickelodeon in the coming weeks – stay tuned for updates and full coverage of the Championship Victory Party!