Last Sunday, we ventured out to Santa Monica to celebrate Torchic Community Day with all the Pokémon Go trainers in the area. Despite some rain clouds and drizzle in the morning, the sun decided to come out and join us for our very first Pokémon Go event. Thanks to all who spent the day with us!

Research Tasks

For this Community Day, Torchic and shiny Torchic spawns were increased, and any Blaziken evolved during the event (or shortly after) was able to learn Blast Burn, an exclusive Community Day move.

To enhance the Community Day experience, we entrusted our trainers with some special Super League research tasks of differing difficulty levels and point values.

Valor Blazes to the Top

For the majority of the event, Team Mystic and Team Instinct were battling head-to-head for the top spot. As the end of the scavenger hunt window began to approach, Team Valor emerged from the shadows and completed enough tasks to launch them to the top.

Congrats Team Valor for being our Torchic Community Day winners, and the very first team to win our Pokémon Go with Super League event! Each Team Valor member received an exclusive Super League Community Day button.

Ace Trainers

Congrats to Kittenstar33 of Team Instinct for being our top trainer at Torchic Community Day, ending with a total of 29 points! She chose to take home a Poké Ball Plus to enhance her Pokémon catching and left the rest of the prizes to go out to lucky raffle winners.

Check out the top players on our leaderboard:

  1. Kittenstar33 (Instinct) – 29
  2. FeKabutops (Valor) – 26
  3. PoroThrower21 (Valor) – 25
  4. Fruitling (Fruitling) – 19
  5. Jokers1girl (Valor) – 19

Stay in Touch

We had a great time at Torchic Community Day and hope to be back again soon! To get the latest updates on all our upcoming events, follow us at @JoinSuperLeague on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.