The Electro Dragon Cup

City Champs returned last Sunday, bringing Clash Royale players together once again to compete in a national tournament. It was a blast to see both familiar faces from our inaugural season of City Champs last year as well as new competitors.

If you missed the event or want to re-live it again, our stream is now available on Super League TV:

LA Shocks the Competition

Up until the very last second, it seemed certain that Houston would be our next City Champs. However, we should have known that LA would not allow themselves to be dethroned so easily. At the very last second, a fifth tier game allowed LA to seize the top spot yet again.

Congrats to Los Angeles for being our City Champs of the Electro Dragon Cup, represented by DIG Blaze, FONW Dr.Who, mateokvn, parkajr, and Peer pressured!

Also, a special congrats and farewell to our veteran player DIG Blaze who will now be representing Dignitas. We’re so proud of how far you’ve come and you will always have Super League supporting you from afar! Check out Blaze’s deck from the tournament below.

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No Tiers Left to Cry

For what may be the last time for a while, DIG Blaze claimed the number one spot in our tournament. Make sure to check out the other individual players who topped our leaderboard as well: D.PayneTennisぽん, iPerish, and Lipppzttv.

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More Dragons to Tame

You can also get the latest updates on all our Clash Royale events – including when we announce the next City Champs event – by heading over to our Clash Royale game page and following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stay tuned!

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