Last week was a week of firsts for Super League, including our first Freljord Feud, first DreamHack, and first charity livestream! Whether you’ve played with us since City Champs Season One or just attended your first event with us this weekend, there’s always something new to look forward to at Super League. And with that, here are last week’s highlights!

Clash Online May 2 through 23, 2019

Last week concluded the second month of Clash Online, Super League’s online Clash Royale tournament. Players competed twice a week to rack up wins and see their gameplay shoutcasted live by CRL broadcaster Rich Slaton. With an unprecedented 15 wins and 40 crowns, head coach for Outlaws Esports try took home the win, beating out almost 350 other players nationwide.

The next month of Clash Online competition starts this week! Learn more about how to sign up, play, and win here.

Super League Does DreamHackMay 30 through June 2, 2019

This past weekend, Super League came to Dallas for four jam-packed days of fun at DreamHack! We kicked off the con Thursday night at Topgolf Dallas for Super League Clash Nights, then headed over to Shadow Lan Gaming for some League of Legends at Friday’s ARAM Social. On Saturday we met up with some Dallas players at DreamHack’s Community Tabletop Freeplay area to hang out and play a custom Super League card game, followed by a panel featuring Super League’s grassroots and collegiate esports expert Brennan Settles.

We had a blast and DreamHack, and can’t wait to see you at more conventions! Let us know which events you want to see Super League at in our Discord server.

Super League Clash Nights May 30, 2019

In May, Super League Clash Nights took to more cities than ever before, bringing together players in 23 locations across three conferences: Eastern, Central, and Pacific. Ram Rider proved a clear favorite among players—as to be expected in the current meta—and a high caliber of skill and competition led to some nail-bitingly close games. In the end, three winners emerged: Jaylion777 in Eastern Conference, Unknōwn⚜️Her0 in Central Conference, and Decow_YouTube in Pacific Conference.

June Super League Clash Nights TBA soon. In the meantime, feel free to watch last week’s Eastern Conference, Central Conference, and Pacific Conference Finals!

ARAM SocialsMay 31, 2019

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Last week was the last Friday of the month, and you know what that means—Time for another ARAM Social! If there’s one thing we love more than free pizza and gameplay, it’s meeting new people to scrim with. Whether you came to play League, watch a little Super League TV, or just mingle over a hot slice of pepperoni pie, we loved hanging with you! Check out some pics from ARAM Socials from all across the U.S. above.

June ARAM Socials TBA soon. Check back here for details.

Charity ExhibitionsMay 31, 2019

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Super League decided to wrap up May with a best-of-three League of Legends Charity Exhibitions livestream to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), a grassroots organization that works to increase access to mental health resources nationwide.

Our two teams featured prominent members of the gaming community including Rioters, cosplayers, artists, shoutcasters, actors, content creators, and two former Survivor contestants. By the end of the match, No Brakes went 2-0 against M E O W, shoutcaster Danl Goodman shaved his beard on-stream for a $300 donation, and we more than doubled our $1,000 donation goal!

Thank you all for coming out to support this great cause! You can watch the full stream here, or learn more about NAMI and how you can help here.

Freljord Feud May 15 through June 1, 2019

Throughout the second half of May, League of Legends players went head to head in an online tournament to determine which alliance would reign supreme—Tradition (Sejuani), Unity (Ashe), Chaos (Trundle), or Power (Lissandra). After selecting their alliance, competitors queued up twice a week to see which tribe could rack up the highest number of completed games, unlocking digital rewards after 500, 1,000, and 2,000 games. In the end, Chaos players proved to be the most formidable foes, completing 730 games in total.

Freljord Feud returns in July! Check back soon for details.

That’s last week at Super League in a nutshell! Be sure to check back regularly for updates on all our events, offers, and livestreams. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be the first to know about what we have in store next!