Last week, Super League kicked off June with a fresh start to some of our monthly events. Read on for more on Clash Online, LAN Prix 3.0, City Exhibitions, and our second Pokemon Go Community Day!


Clash Online

Last week we kicked off another month of intense Clash Online gameplay featuring players from every corner of the country. On Monday, ☆Diego Slayer☆ and WishBone topped the leaderboard with 15 wins each, a 3-win lead over Thursday’s top player, SUN32777™. On Thursday competitors were also joined by special guest BBXH, caster, host, and Twitch streamer, who shoutcasted games live for the duration of the tournament.

Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you for this week’s Clash Online tournaments Monday and Thursday at 4-5pm Pacific.


City Exhibitions

City Exhibitions returned Wednesday for a highly anticipated matchup between the San Francisco Ionics and the Chicago Force. Despite close teamfights early on in the series and Chicago’s determination not to give in, the Ionics seemed to find the advantage in every game, overpowering Chicago mid- to late-game and steamrolling to victory once taking the lead. With this 2-0 victory over Chicago, San Francisco remains undefeated in the history of City Exhibitions.

This week on Thursday, the Boston Revolt and D.C. Conspirators take to the City Exhibitions stage once again. Tune in at 6pm Pacific here.


LAN Prix

32 League of Legends teams returned to LAN centers on Saturday for this month’s first round of LAN Prix competition. Four teams went undefeated throughout the Swiss group stage and will be moving into the top bracket for this week, including Capri Warriors, 我的名字是陳宙, San Jose State Yellow, and Isaiha and the Qrows. We’ll see you Saturday for LAN Prix Quarterfinals!

Visit here for the full list of LAN Prix standings and upcoming matches.


Slakoth Community Day

For Super League’s second Pokemon Go Community Day, dozens of Pokemon Trainers took to the wilds of Santa Monica, CA to embark on a scavenger hunt. Once at home base, our three teams Valor, Mystic, and Instinct were assigned special research tasks with only a limited amount of time to complete them. Through teamwork, exploration, and determination, Team Valor emerged victorious, and top individual player HiSpooky took home a special Alolan Vulpix prize.

We can’t wait to see you Pokemon Trainers at the next Community Day! Follow us here to find out when our next Pokemon Go event will be.


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