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Super Clash Nights returned to iPic Westwood with veteran players and newcomers alike ready to battle it out for the title, but only one could be crowned king of the night!

Newcomer King_Louie surprised us all by sealing his spot in the Finals with 325 trophies. Anand Ganteng, heeyoonchung, and Blaze gave some fantastic plays in the first half of the tournament. These three players were only separated by 24 trophies as they competed for the 2nd place spot and to move on to the Finals. After many battles, King_Louie and Blaze rose above all other players in the arena and advanced to the Finals.

Blaze was a finalist in the first Super Clash Nights, but this didn’t mean that the win was in the bag. The two players went head to head, both playing versions of “poke damage” decks that included Goblin Hut, Mega Minion, Log, Electro Wizard, and Poison. The crowd was dead silent as the two battled it out.

When the dust settled and there were no minions left standing, Super Clash Nights’ veteran Blaze won the night. All the gangs of goblins cheered while the Lumberjacks celebrated with some sweet elixir. We had a blast at this Super Clash Night and can’t wait for the next one to see who will rise as the new victor. To find out when our next event is follow our Facebook Page!


1 king louie 325 ILLUMINATI
2 Blaze 304 RaZe Team
3 anand ganteng 292 CLAN JUDI
4 heeyoonchung 280 Sandstorm
5 KingViper01 238 Tribe Gaming
6 Undercover 235 Kranniz Esports
7 Parkajr 225 “OBEY”
8 Nemz 203 Stay Lifted
9 Justin 181 100 PROOF
10 Gabriel 177 CLASH PROS™
11 Tomta9 175 xLeviathansX
12 ST3ALTH 167 106InTheShade
13 ryc3 131 Rebels⚡叛军二营
14 purdie ❤ 122 “OBEY”
15 Testiclies 116 Super League
16 Bigbadsanta 113 BurninByTheAcre
17 kayeminista 107 omnipotents
18 Zarroc 103 Super League
19 pepediaz 96 “OBEY”
20 Cloud 94 [4е]МПИОН
21 gumbybear 93 CriticalClash™
22 Guru Joshy 89 Super League
23 freddy123099 87 Clash Kings
24 nehemias 95 86 Lone Worriorz
25 Leche The GOD 83 Stay Lifted