Parking lot charades, a visit from LCS Academy casters, and a random act of pizza. Read on for all of last week’s updates!


League of Legends Charades

We started the week off strong by testing our staff’s knowledge of League of Legends champs. Friendships were tested, and some proved better “charaders” than others, but all was fun and games in the end. You can also find our first attempt at parking lot charades here.


Clash Online

For Monday’s Clash Online competition, DeephEriksen was joined at the casting desk by Super League’s John Hatchford, Product Director for Clash Online—that’s right, the man behind the magic. The top of the Clash Online leaderboard was hotly contested both Monday and Thursday, with multiple players racking up win after win to try and beat ☆Diego Slayer☆‘s top spot. Knight managed to take first place in both of this week’s tournaments, and WishBone was not far behind, making it into the top three both days as well. However, no one was able to knock ☆Diego Slayer☆ out of the running, and with only two game days left this month players will have to step it up if they want a chance at this month’s prize.

Clash Online is a free Clash Royale tournament that takes place every Monday and Thursday at 7pm Eastern | 4pm Pacific. Sign up for free here, and watch all Clash Online livestreams here.


City Exhibitions

On Thursday night, Team Liquid and OpTic Academy casters Decerux and sirbuttkick dropped by for a three-game grudgematch between the Boston Revolt and D.C. Conspirators, led by team captains VCTF and Warrior5642 respectively. Game 1 went over to D.C. in a blowout, which Boston followed up with a smackdown in Game 2. The series featured intense matchups between GoodGuyNox (BOS) and Warrior5642 (DC) in bot lane, as well as performances by players such as UglyFatKid (DC) which shoutcaster DeephEriksen termed “absurd.” In the end, the D.C. Conspirators snowballed to take Game 3 because, as shoutcaster Mad Magical likes to put it, no one can stand up to the Ohmwrecker Tristana.

City Exhibitions returns this Thursday with the highly anticipated matchup between the Philadelphia Specters and Atlanta Bashers, heated rivals ever since Atlanta earned an invitation to Red Bull Super League All Stars despite losing to Philly in Season 4 of City Champs. Will justice be served? Find out Thursday at 9pm Eastern | 6pm Pacific here.


LAN Prix

Last week marked the quarterfinals in this month’s LAN Prix League of Legends national competition. In the top tournament bracket, Capri Warriors, Isaiha and the Qrows, 我的名字是陳宙, and San Jose State Yellow each went 2-0 against their opponents in a single elimination duel. Each will move onto the semifinal round this Saturday, and all eyes will be on San Jose State Yellow to follow up their performance in April after making it to the LAN Prix Finals. Thus far, each of this month’s top four teams have gone undefeated—but this weekend, all of that will have to change.

LAN Prix 3.0 Finals will be streamed 6/29 at 4pm Eastern | 1pm Pacific! Tune in here.


A Random Act of Pizza

There’s nothing we love better than celebrating your amazing plays, but sometimes a pat on the back just doesn’t cut it. This week we awarded the player with the best Fortnite gameplay highlight with the greatest gift of all: pizza! And we want to continue spreading the love. Each week we’ll be featuring the top 5 player-submitted gameplay clips from different games and reward the top play with a prize. You can submit your play for any game here.


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