Some of the best Clash Royale players in Los Angeles went head to head in another Super League Clash Nights. Blaze came to defend his title against a pool of new and returning players including the last event’s runner-up, King_Louie.

After a few key matches it was clear that there wasn’t going to be any rematch between Blaze and King_Louie.  Though he fought like a true barbarian, King_Louie ended the night in 6th place behind players louisgiordano, hans353, and Parkajr. Blaze soared to the top of the leaderboard, earning himself 328 trophies and locking in his spot for his 3rd Super Clash Nights final. The talent was deep and Matt sprinted his way into second place like a Hogrider jacked up on Elixir!

Blaze brought the same deck that he used to take down the last Super Clash Nights. Matt used an Elixir Pump tempo deck for game one and a Bandit rush deck for game two. We never got to see the final card that Matt slotted into either of his decks. Maybe he wanted to keep a trick hidden up his sleeve to steal the crown away from Blaze, but this was one trick that didn’t end in the wizard’s favor as Blaze took home the crown for a second time.

A big thanks to all of you Rascals who showed up and participated at Super LeagueClash Nights. We’re excited for the next one, so make sure to keep locked onto @SuperLeagueCR on Facebook for all news and updates for our upcoming events.

See you in the Arena!