The end to the hottest rivalry in amateur esports, Minehut’s first year at Super League, and the launch of Super League’s Pride Month initiative. Read on to find out what happened last week at Super League!


Super League Pride

This Pride Month, Super League launched an ongoing charity initiative in support of The Trevor Project, a national organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. One hundred percent of proceeds from the sale of our new Super League Pride rainbow enamel pins, created by a team of Super Leaguers devoted to supporting diversity and inclusion community programs, will be donated to The Trevor Project year-round. In addition, Super League will be featuring folks from across the LGBTQ gaming community as part of this month’s #SuperLeaguePride content series. View the first video segment from #SuperLeaguePride here, or help support The Trevor Project with a $10 donation to receive a Super League Pride enamel pin.


Clash Online

Special guest casters Rich Slaton and BBXH joined us once again for Clash Online, Super League’s twice-weekly Clash Royale tournament. On Monday, players UW I Schiwan and ¥.El Daro.¥ both managed 15-win records throughout the night, placing in first and second place respectively. However, neither was able to beat this month’s record for wins and crowns, held by ☆Diego Slayer☆ since the first week of competition. Find the most up to date leaderboard for Clash Online here.


City Exhibitions

Last week’s City Exhibitions marked the conclusion to the long-held grudge between the Atlanta Bashers and Philadelphia Specters, festering since the end of last year’s League of Legends City Champs. Although last season Philadelphia went on to win over Atlanta in the City Champs Void division, Atlanta’s Team A narrowly beat out Philly for the chance to compete in Red Bull Super League All Stars due to a three-way tie for win records and points scored, earning their All Stars invite thanks only to their average game time, which was less than 3 seconds shorter than the Specters’. In the months since, the Philadelphia Specters have embarked on a campaign against the Bashers, seeking #JusticeForPhilly in the wake of the All Stars fiasco.

Needless to say, justice was served. In a quick two games, Philadelphia destroyed the Atlanta Bashers, thanks largely to the MVP of the match, Fish Burger1116. After Philly crushed Game 1, Atlanta came back with what they thought was a strong counter pick in Game 2. However, Philly’s top and mid laners Fish Burger1116 and Mr Tim swapped lanes to flip the script on Atlanta, and delivered the swift fist of justice down upon them.

City Exhibitions returns this Thursday at 9pm Eastern | 6pm Pacific. Tune in here for the city versus city League of Legends action!


LAN Prix

On Saturday, twelve remaining League of Legends teams took to gaming centers across the country for LAN Prix Semifinals. In the lower bracket, The Muffin Men & Girl and Ayaya each won their matchups in a 2-0 sweep, as did TFA in the middle bracket. Justice for Philly, also in mid bracket, was knocked out of the running by Kopaco in game three of their matchup.

Over in top bracket, Capri Warriors wiped Isaiha and the Qrows 2-0 and remain undefeated in this month’s LAN Prix circuit. The highly anticipated matchup between 我的名字是陳宙 and San Jose State Yellow went to a three-game series, and in the end went over to 我的名字是陳宙. This Saturday, will Capri Warriors continue their winning streak or fall to 我的名字是陳宙, who have proved themselves quite the powerhouse team?

Watch the LAN Prix Finals livestream this Saturday at 4pm Eastern | 1pm Pacific here.


Minehut’s One Year Anniversary at Super League

This Saturday, Super League celebrated the one year anniversary of the day we welcomed Minehut to the family! We’re so excited about how much the Minehut community has grown in just one short year, reaching its 400,000 user milestone just last week. Thanks to all of you who have spent the last year building, playing, and hanging in Discord with us! We can’t wait to watch our Minehut community grow and see what you create next.

Create your own free Minecraft server by joining Minehut here, or find our community in our Discord server!


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