You’ve got the skills, but do you have the gear to take it to the next level? Add these three pieces of equipment to your setup before jumping into your next game.



1. Unplug

Every gamer knows that cords can be a hassle – who among us hasn’t accidentally unplugged a cord at the most inopportune moment possible?

Luckily, Logitech has you covered with their G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse. The cavalry has arrived – and it’s cordless. With the new HERO sensor packing a punch, you’d never know it’s wireless. It’s super accurate, and has no smoothing, filtering, or acceleration. This means you can get those sweet flick headshots perfectly, even though you’ve gone wireless.



2. Be Prepared

Sometimes, life comes at you fast. Say, a mob popping out of nowhere in a horror game after dark fast. You know what that means – your drink just went flying when you jumped a foot in the air.

No question – that drink is going for your keyboard. This can only end in disaster… unless you’re equipped to deal with the situation with your G213 PRODIGY Gaming Keyboard. Armed with spill resistance, this keyboard has you covered in moments when your drink gets a bit out of hand (you swore that Creeper wasn’t just there).



3. Settle In

It’s a quiet Saturday. Chances are you’re making a beeline for your gaming setup for a marathon session with your squad. You’ve got some fuzzy slippers and a supportive chair at the ready – shouldn’t the rest of you be comfy as well?

The aforementioned spill resistant keyboard has another great feature for just this situation: an integrated wrist rest. Let your wrists enjoy maximum comfort as you game. Logitech has you covered in the cushy headset area as well. The G332 Wired Gaming Headset is super lightweight and is padded to the max. Your head and wrists will thank you, we promise.



4. Integrate

While your favorite game might not be ready for cross platform play just yet, your headset can be. The G332 headset isn’t interested in just being your PC or console headset. No, it’s ready for anything. Any device with an audio jack is happy to partner with this headset, including all major consoles, phones, and operating systems.

Your keyboard can integrate too, making your transition from game sounds to music as seamless as possible. The G305 has dedicated media controls worked right in, so that you can skip to the most epic song possible for what’s sure to be an incredible victory.