Unpacking Teamfight Tactics, killer Apex Legends plays, and a LAN Prix champion emerges. Read on to find out what happened last week at Super League.


Apex Legends Top 5

Apex Legends has made its official debut on the Super League YouTube channel! You all submitted your best Apex highlights for a chance to be named this week’s top play. Greeley88, Primacronus, xOzryelx, tbezza, and Kambolicious blew us away with some stellar kills that incorporated portals, environmental damage, and a surprising amount of punching. In the end this week’s top play was awarded to Greeley88, who will be taking home a $25 Pizza Hut gift card!

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Clash Online

After nearly a month-long reign at the top of the leaderboard, ☆Diego Slayer☆ was dethroned by Siege Light in the final week of June’s Clash Online. With 15 wins and 36 crowns, Siege Light beat out ☆Diego Slayer☆ by just a 5-crown lead to win the grand prize, a $100 Amazon gift card. June’s lucky raffle winner Kyrie Irving will also be taking home this month’s prize. Congrats to each of this month’s competitors for a game well played!

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City Exhibitions: San Francisco vs. Boston

Heading into last week’s City Exhibitions League of Legends match, the question on everyone’s mind was: Will San Francisco, thus far undefeated in the history of City Exhibitions, maintain their win streak? Or will Boston rise to the challenge, revolt against the Ionics, and take home the W? San Francisco was no doubt favored leading up to the match, but Boston devised a bold game strategy, swapping their best player Twiss from support to mid lane on Yasuo both games. And while Twiss played admirably, San Francisco proved the all-around stronger team, winning handily in a 2-0 sweep. bane898 of the Ionics arose as MVP of the match for his solid positioning and consistent damage output.

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ARAM Socials

Last week was the last Friday of the month, which means another round of ARAM Socials kicked off in over 30 cities nationwide! Close to 1,000 League of Legends players and fans rallied together at LANs across the country for a night of free pizza, games, and socializing. Send us your pics from the event by tagging @SuperLeagueLoL on Twitter or Instagram and using the hashtag #ARAMSocial!


Super League Clash Nights

On Thursday night, players gathered in 27 cities for Super League Clash Nights, the ultimate Clash Royale tournament and meetup, battling it out alongside friends in each of four regional conferences for a chance to win official Supercell prizes. Four winners emerged by the end of the night: XForce in the Eastern Conference with 16 wins, I’m an EggPlant in Central Conference with 15 wins, Star Light in Mountain Conference with 14 wins, and Parkajr in Pacific Conference with 14 wins. Congrats to each of our winners, and we can’t wait to see you next time for some more mobile gaming mayhem!

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LAN Prix 3.0

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In the exciting conclusion to LAN Prix 3.0, Capri Warriors and 我的名字是陳宙 faced off to be named the best team in Super League. Undefeated thus far, the Capri Warriors appeared a force to be reckoned with, and managed to take Game 1 in the finals. However, after a healthy back and forth and several standout moments by Capri Warriors, 我的名字是陳宙 took two convincing wins in Games 2 and 3. Casters DeephEriksen and MadMagical declared Deadlytwitches the decided MVP of the match for his insane DPS and fantastic snipes on Ezreal.

Congrats to Wynncraftian, BØmi, Humble Victory, Gaycraftian, Deadlytwitches, and Phase of 我的名字是陳宙, each of whom will be taking home 1380RP and custom team jackets!


Teamfight Tactics

Another game title has made its way onto the Super League screen: Teamfight Tactics! Up your game by checking out some of our comp strategies on our YouTube channel, and be on the lookout for more TFT high jinks soon!


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