Domination places you on a team with the goal of capturing and defending as many points on the map as possible. You’ll have to work with your team to defend your captured objectives zones – the longer you hold on to your zone, the higher your score! Defense wins in Domination!

Spawning and Choosing a Kit

When the game begins, you spawn somewhere on the map and will choose one kit to play. Each kit has their own strengths and weaknesses play them all to learn which one works best for you! When defeated, you will respawn somewhere else on the map. You can choose a new Kit to play with at this time.

The Kits you can choose include:

  • Archer
    • The Archer Kit comes with Gold Armor, Gold bow and a Gold Sword with a knockback ability
    • Pro Tip: Use the archer to defeat enemies from a distance – great for support or defending a zone
  • Tank
    • The Tank Kit comes with Diamond Armor and a Diamond Sword
    • Pro Tip: The Tank is great for defending a capture point, place them in the point and defeat any enemies trying to capture your zone.
  • Knight
    • The Knight Kit comes with Iron Armor and an extra sharp Iron Sword that can deal extra damage.
    • Pro Tip: The Knight is ideal for up-close combat – use them in battle deal damage quickly, ideally supported by an archer from a distance.

Capturing an Objective Zone

You capture Objective Zones by standing on them. The zone will slowly change to your team’s color. You cannot capture a zone while an enemy is standing on it. You will capture zones faster if more players from your team are on the point with you.

Once captured, an objective zone will remain in your control even if no players from your team remain on it. Another team can steal your point by standing on it while no other teams are on it.

Fighting Enemies

You can engage anyone from a team other than your own in combat. Defeating enemies is crucial to defending your captured zones or clearing an enemy zone to then capture it. When a player’s health hits zero, they are defeated and respawn somewhere else on the map after a 10-second cooldown.

Pro Tip: Some Kits are better for fighting enemies don’t be afraid to switch Kits when needed.  

The Map

Boot Camp: Domination takes place under-the-sea in a beautiful coral reef inspired map.

Pro Tip: The location not only provides amazing scenery but places to hide as you work with your team to defend your objective zone.


To win Domination, you must have the highest score at the end of the game. Teams and players can rack up their scores by holding on to a zone for an extended period of time, capturing zones and defeating other players.

Super League Pro Tips:

  • Defense wins domination –hold on to the zone as long as you can to rise up the leaderboards
  • Teamwork – holding onto a captured objective zone is made easier by working with your teammates. One player can stay on the zone while others keep enemies away.
  • Use the Map – The map provides cover to hide behind as well as lookouts high above, use the map to your advantage to spot enemies and defend your zone.
  • Experiment with Kits – Each Kit has different abilities, switch between them based on what your team needs.

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