Seven cities go head to head in Teamfight Tactics, someone sets a new Clash Online win record, and we Patch Libs the new Brawl Stars Summer Update! Read on to find out everything that happened last week at Super League.


City Exhibitions: Teamfight Tactics

On Tuesday Super League hosted our first ever City Exhibitions: Teamfight Tactics edition, featuring players from seven different cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Seattle. The competition was close until the very end, when Warrior5642 of D.C. won the third match to take first overall with 44 points. In second place came Prxphecy of the Seattle Siege with 40 points, followed by mouse mover from Phoenix with 36.

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Clash Online

Monday and Thursday, hundreds of Clash Royale players nationwide jumped into Clash Online to try and claim the top spot at this month’s leaderboard. Monday’s competition, shoutcasted by CRL’s Rich Slaton, went to Naythenyolo with 14 wins. On Thursday, Airforce broke a Clash Online record by bagging 16 wins in one night, and currently holds first place for this month’s games.

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Brawl Stars Patch Libs

Chicken fingers, Stranger Things, and exploding dolphins. We love the alterations you made to the Brawl Stars Summer Update! Congratulations to Kei for winning this round of Patch Libs—we tried not to laugh, and we failed.

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City Exhibitions: League of Legends

Last week, Boston Revolt took on the Seattle Siege to see if they could end their City Exhibitions drought. After a wild back and forth, Boston managed to win Game 1, which featured the play of the night: an amazing predictive hook by DiscKing423 which still has casters DeephEriksen and Mad Magical raving. In Game 2, more chaos ensued as Warrior5642 of Seattle backdoored for the win, tying it up with Boston 1-1. Finally in Game 3 Boston managed to push into Seattle’s base, and for a moment it looked like they might finally end their City Exhibitions losing streak. However, the Siege held on by a thread, turning the game around to take the series 2-1.

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Pokemon Go comes to Houston, Boston, and New York!

On Friday Super League announced that we will be bringing our Pokemon Go Community Day events to three new cities! In addition to Los Angeles, we’ll be able to celebrate this month’s Mudkip Community Day with all of you Pokemon Trainers in Houston, Boston, and New York. We can’t wait to see you on July 21st for a research task scavenger hunt!

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