This Sunday, Shubble will be joining us for the first event of Super League’s Summer Boot Camp! Despite recently adopting a new kitten named Starlord, Shubble will be taking a break from her cat mom duties to challenge you in a game of Domination and stream her gameplay live. Don’t get too comfortable though; with over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube, she knows her way around Minecraft. Will you place above Shubble on the Leaderboards? 

On July 22nd starting at 12pm Pacific, Minecraft players will receive the chance to win a piece of a $10,000 scholarship and over $1,200 worth of Minehut credits in a game of Domination against the entire country. More importantly, players will get to compete for bragging rights against Shubble herself as they prove their ability to defend their bases.  

Can’t make it? No problem! The additional events on August 5th and August 26th will provide the same opportunity to build skills, play with well-known creators, and compete for a portion of the scholarship. 

What better way to improve upon your defense, support, and teamwork abilities than to play alongside your favorite influencers and fellow gamers? Super League’s Summer Boot Camp events are free, online, and available across PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Register now to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun! 

Already registered? Check out our interview with Shubble to help you prepare and optimize your strategy:

  • Super League: How confident are you in your defense skills?
    • Shubble: I’m pretty confident in my ability to avoid taking damage. And with the help of my team, I’m sure we’ll put up a great fight!
  • Super League: What’s your strategy for Domination?
    • Shubble: Teamwork is going to be most important in this game mode. We’ll have to implement the old buddy system and make sure we have each other’s backs!
  • Super League: How will you prepare for your match?
    • Shubble: I’ll have to go through a boot camp of my own, and brush up on my PvP skills by practicing in some survival games. 
  • Super League: What tips do you have for new players?
    • Shelby: Don’t panic! Remain calm and avoid button smashing or spam clicking. I’m guilty of that because I get nervous. But what’s most important is having fun. 
  • Super League: What draws you to Super League’s Summer Bootcamp?
    • Shubble: Having the opportunity to play in a big tournament like this with some of my friends, other creators, and you guys is something I couldn’t pass up on! Getting to play all together for a good cause is a great way to strengthen our community. 

Get more Pro Tips on Sunday’s Domination event in Boot Camp 101 and we’ll see you all Sunday!