Even a heatwave can’t stop a true Pokémon Trainer from becoming the very best, like no one ever was. Read on to find out what you missed at Super League’s Mudkip Community Day and how you can watch Super League TV more places than ever!


Pokemon Go Mudkip Community Day

On Sunday, hundreds of Pokémon Trainers from Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, and New York braved the heat to attend Super League’s Mudkip Community Day—some driving from as far as Maryland to get in on the game! Players teamed up, embarked on a scavenger hunt, and completed research tasks to win prizes—including some adorable Mudkip plushies.

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Yordles OP

We decided to kick off the weekend right with some TFT! Super League’s DeephEriksen hopped into some ranked games and, as it turns out, Yordles too OP. 10/10 would recommend. Check out our winning comp in the video above!

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City Exhibitions: Chicago vs Miami Rematch

With last week’s City Exhibitions match came one team’s opportunity for redemption. After losing to Chicago in April’s Red Bull Super League All Stars Semifinals, the Miami Menace was out for blood on Thursday night. In Game 1, the two teams seemed evenly matched until Chicago won a team fight and took the game. Miami rallied in Game 2, adopting a surprising all-assassin team composition and snowballing to victory in entertaining fashion. Finally, in a thrilling three-game series featuring some of the best players that Super League has to offer, Miami won 2-1 against the Chicago Force—the ultimate comeback.

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New Super League TV Channels!

You may recognize some familiar faces from Super League’s Twitch and YouTube channels in your social media feeds… That’s right! As of last week, all of Super League’s broadcasts, shows, and other video content can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure to follow @superleaguetv on your social media platform of choice for exclusive gaming and esports content, stream reminders, and more!

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