The first event of Super League’s Summer Boot Camp launched this past Sunday with 100s of players competing for a portion of the $10,000 scholarship and Minehut credits! Players fought fiercely for the top spot in Domination as they captured and defended points as a team.


Our special guest Shubble stole the show before the games began, taking screenshots with players and leading an impromptu team-building exercise. Shubble ended her games at rank 85 but dropped to 115 before the tournament closed. If you placed above her, you have a special “I Beat Shubble” digital badge coming your way! Check out her stream of the event (skip to 1:50:00 for gameplay). Here’s what she said in our post-game interview:

Super League: You rose in the rankings throughout the event – what tactics did you learn to account for that rise?

Shubble: I learned pretty quickly that most important was keeping one point captured for our team, while keeping the other two points under attack, so our team’s score kept going up! And my team caught on pretty quickly and made sure to always have each other’s backs during the fighting!

Super League: What was your favorite Kit to use in each match?

 Shubble: I kept gravitating towards the tank kit since my PvP wasn’t as strong as some of the other players (you guys were so good!), I decided it was better to take the hits at least.

Super League: You finished in 115th place – what words do you have for the people who finished above you?

Shubble: I’m super proud of everyone who kept playing and fighting and were so determined to rank up! I noticed everyone getting better and better the more we played and knew I wouldn’t be keeping my rank for long.

Super League: We are announcing the next Boot Camp Event soon – any guesses as to what it will be? 

Shubble: Since we’ve gotten a PvP event checked off the list, maybe a parkour event! I always imagine boot camp as this great obstacle course.

Super League: Any advice to the next influencer who will be participating in the August 5th’s Boot Camp Event?

Shubble: Don’t underestimate the other players. They won’t go easy on you! And good luck! 


Throughout the three hours of gameplay, strikerbuilder held the #1 spot with ease. We got the chance to speak with strikerbuilder after the tournament. Get a glimpse into his strategies below!

Super League: How long have you played Minecraft?

strikerbuilder: I have been playing Minecraft for about 7 years.

Super League: How long have you played with Super League?

strikerbuilder: I have played with Super League since December of 2017 when I won the Thunder Road competition.

Super League: What was your strategy to win Domination?

strikerbuilder: Once I found out how the point system worked, my strategy was to trust my team and re-capture points as much as possible while getting kills in the process.

Super League: Any tips you’re willing to share with anyone looking to up their competitive Minecraft?

strikerbuilder: Trust your team and yourself. And you need to just have fun and enjoy yourself.

Super League: How do you prepare for your games?

strikerbuilder: I prepare for my games by getting a lot of sleep and not playing anything except some calming Minecraft survival before the tournament.

Super League: You only played 6 games to maintain your high average. How did you know this was a good time to stop?

strikerbuilder: Besides the hacker that was kicked from the competition, everyone else was around 20 points away from my average so I just kept watching the scoreboard waiting to see if another player got close or not.

Super League: What do you do when you’re not playing games?

strikerbuilder: I am usually watching Youtube or hanging out with friends.

Super League: What do you want to be when you grow up?

strikerbuilder: A software engineer.

Super League: What other games do you play?

strikerbuilder: I play a bunch of different games, but my main games are CS:Go, Killing Floor 2, Payday, Don’t Starve Together, G-Mod, Golf With Your Friends, GTA V, H1Z1, Hearts of Iron IV, Stick Fight, and Sid Meier’s Civilization V.

Super League: Are you a Shubble fan?

strikerbuilder: I did not know about Shubble before this competition, but I watched her during the competition and enjoyed her live stream.


The fight for #2 was much more chaotic. With a focus on getting as many kills as possible, CuteCaramel took the silver medal from Jerrys_sword and held it tightly… That is until HyperEdits completed five games and jumped to second place with less than an hour of gameplay remaining. With fifteen minutes left, the leaderboard seemed to be established, only to have xXCatsloXx appear out of thin air to claim second place until the end.

A special shoutout to _MisterRage and BennyDoesStuff for ending with the highest number of total points with 2220 and 2104 points, respectively. Both secured their spot in the top 10 with 19 games played each.

Event Leaderboard (Top 10 by Average Points) 

1. strikerbuilder – 139.33

2. xXCatsloXx – 123.71

3. _MisterRage – 116.84

4. CuteCaramel – 116.22

5. CarrotChompsmC – 112.00

6. HyperEdits – 112.00

7. Goriest – 111.08

8. BennyDoesStuff – 110.74

9. Jerrys_sword – 107.83

10. Vinixs – 106.25

View the full leaderboard at

Thank you to all who participated in our first Boot Camp event! We hope to see you at our next event on August 5th, where you’ll be able to play online or in select Microsoft stores. Follow @SLGMinecraft on Facebook and @SuperLeagueMC on Twitter for the latest updates on our events.