Taking a dip in the pool, grabbing some ice cream, relaxing at an *air-conditioned* movie… there’s a reason for this tried-and-true perfect summer recipe! But, for all you gamers looking to kick it up with some extra summer spice before school makes its inevitable comeback, check out these six awesome gaming experiences:


1. Dropkick Mondays in Huntington Beach, CA

7:00pm PT, every Monday


Make some waves in your local fighting game community at this weekly event. With great games like Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter V, and Tekken 7, you can either enter a more competitive tournament or chill out and enjoy the food, drinks, and company. Casual gamer? Tournament hound? Snack junkie? Everyone’s welcome here.



2. The Cold War Overwatch Online Tournament

Weekly, August 1st – October 1st


Technically, this event does go until October… but don’t worry, it’s online! That means that, even after classes start again, it’ll be easy to dive back into this tournament when you’re at home. And don’t sweat: this casual Overwatch tournament is for Bronze and Silver players only. So grab five friends, relax in your own house, and compete for the chance to win some serious cash!



3. Esports Summer Bootcamp at Northern Illinois University

10:00am – 4:00pm CT, August 5th – 9th


Sure, you may have been to sports camp, or even a sleep away camp…but have you been to an esports camp? If you’re interested in learning more about subjects like streaming online and making a career out of esports, you can join your peers at this camp run by the NIU Esports Club, featuring their president and several guest lecturers.



4. Super Smash Con 2019 in Chantilly, VA

All day, August 8th – August 11th


Smash that steamy weather with a day or two at this cool convention! Super Smash Con is a great place to bring the whole family, where you can kick butt in retro and new Nintendo games alike, catch some live shows, and watch pro Smash players take each other on! If you’re a Smash fan, there’s no way this won’t be a refreshing experience.



5. The #GamersBeatCancer Fortnite Tournament in Atlanta, GA

7:30am ET, August 10th


If you’re ready to use your gaming skills for a good cause, #GamersBeatCancer has a Fortnite tournament for you. Hosted to raise money for the American Cancer Society and pediatric cancer, your entry fee goes straight towards these important charitable causes. Drop in and help this great organization send cancer packing.



6. Super League LAN Prix (all across the US)

11:30 am PT, August 10th – August 11th


Only one weekend left before it’s back to school? Super League’s own LAN Prix is a great way for you and your League of Legends squad to prove you’re the hottest team around. Head to one of 30 LAN centers across the nation with a premade team and battle it out over two days to win great prizes like custom jackets – a surefire way to start the new school year off looking super fly.



If you’re hoping to get the most out of your summer vacay but don’t see quite the event for you, never fear! Head on over to our Experience Directory to check out hundreds of gaming and esports tournaments, camps, and more all over the country.


And remember… always wear sunscreen.