The Jovenshire is joining us for the second event of Super League’s Summer Boot Camp! As a host of Smosh Games, Jovenshire is a veteran creator in the YouTube community. When he’s not playing alongside his friends in MariCraft, he’s chiming in on the latest movies, comics, and games in geek culture. On August 5th, you’ll get the chance to challenge his support skills in a game of Zombies. Who will be the best support?

Get ready to compete against Minecraft players across the country for a piece of the $10,000 scholarship prize and over $1,200 worth of Minehut credits. Jovenshire will be streaming the event, and players who rank higher than him will also take home an “I Beat The Jovenshire” digital badge for all their bragging needs.

All events of Super League’s Summer Boot Camp are free, online, and available across PC, Android, Mac, and iOS devices. If you have already registered for our first Boot Camp event, you do not need to register again. However, if you’re new to Boot Camp, you are absolutely welcomed to participate! Register now.

Check out our interview with Joven below:

  • Super League: What experience do you have with Minecraft? 
    • Jovenshire: I have so much experience with Minecraft! We’ve had a Minecraft series running for an entire 4 years called MariCraft. We have done it all there; I’m ready for anything.
  • Super League: What is your strategy for the Zombies game mode? 
    • Jovenshire: I am a zombie pro! I’ve fought zombies in every game possible. I have 26 zombie plans. Zombies can’t stop me, and this game mode won’t be any different.
  • Super League: What makes a good support? 
    • Jovenshire: The support is the most important aspect on any team. They have to pay attention to every part of the game AND every player. The game is on their shoulders.
  • Super League: What drew you to Super League’s Summer Boot Camp? 
    • Jovenshire: Super League’s Boot Camp just has a fun energy about it. People coming together for esports but remembering that the fun comes first. That’s amazing!